vendredi, mars 12, 2010

Where's Spring?

Endless winter. - 8 degrees this night, frozen ice and snow on the roads. This poor Blackbird sat on our Magnolia Tree, dreaming of the day when it will bloom. Will it ever ?
Past nights,  I had a dream of Cernunnos growing from a little child to a Boy with bigger antlers - I take it as promise that Spring will come, that growth can't be stopped, despite of all the cold.

But this endless winter surely begins to suck. It has its good sides, nevertheless : Many insects will be killed in the ground, resulting in less pests in coming summer.

This Tulip wanted to come out for spring and was caught by snow. There are a lot of them around the house.

View from our backyard this morning. Snow everywhere!

I want to go out gardening, I want to go out cycling. Make it Spring. NOW!

Meanwhile, I am working at home, still on my projects. Scene 49 of la Bête des Vosges is almost finished! At least, this one advances very well.

5 commentaires:

President Snow a dit…

I know how it is. The snow is FINALLY starting to melt where I live. Still not warm enough to be without a jacket. I cannot wait for spring to finally spread it's wings!

Yay! You are progressing with your film! :D Still looking good!

Feronia a dit…

I think it is that time of the year when the North and the South sort of meet. We have had 7 degrees overnight here lately. Our beautiful magnolia tree was really hit hard last week when we had a massive hail storm. It will recover I think but it is looking sad at the moment. Beautiful photos!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow, glad to hear that snow is melting where you live. maybe that the northern hemisphere will finally get spring!

@Feronia: I often thought - well, Feronia as a down under resident has warm season while we freeze here, but true, your side of he globe will now slowly evolve into fall.

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

We got some awesome weather last week, but it has rained the entire weekend, which is actually good because my car was filthy. But spring is around the corner, we are getting some knee-high boots and light sweater weather in NYC next week!

Yours will get there soon enough too!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Magaly, so glad to hear that Spring reached N.Y.

We all wait for it, didn't we ?