vendredi, avril 30, 2010

Merry Beltane

To all of you, a happy Walpurgis Night and a blessed Beltane. may love and flowers surround you.

jeudi, avril 29, 2010

Awaiting the Lillies Moon

I saw this little lizard when doing yardwork and had the chance to take a photo.
The Lizard certainly is a sign that the warm days are coming and even summer is not too far away now. I am so looking forward for Beltane and I try to get connected with Jack a bit more (I didn't in the past days) since Beltane is a festival I would like to share with him.
For this, I think that the Lizard is also a good sign, for Lizards stand for spirituality in dreams, the otherworld and the subconsciousness. Will JFK bless me with the same kind of gifts he did, both at Imbolg and Ostara? I hope so very much.

The time between Beltane and JFKs Birth (may 29) is what I call the "Lillies Moon" in my personal spirituality. A time of dreams and promises, mysterious, beautiful and filled with the songs of birds and crickets.

mardi, avril 27, 2010

Project52 - 17 Flower Power

In my early presidency days, which were known as a short,  happy and mellow time, I putted a lot of efforts in working out the Garden of the White House to my taste: A lawn as soft as a cloud, Flowers, Flowers and even more Flowers.  Some  magazines made illustrated stories about "The garden of John F. Kennedy". Once I said to a journalist that, maybe, I will be referred in history Books as the "President of Flowers" and if so, then it would not be a bad thing.
Well, I did not go into history as the Flower President, as we all know. I became famous for Cuba, both the invasion and the crisis, Berlin, my Sex-Life and finally for my death. You have to be deeply involved in the knowledge of my biography to be aware of my love for flowers.
I like big, spectacular flowers, like Magnolias, Tulips, Roses and Lillies. Diana called her Magnolia tree that grows in front of her house "JFK". A Rose Breed is also named after me.

It has been discussed whether or not I would have liked the Flower Power Movement. Some believe I would, for I was always interested in new ideas and especially the idea of a whole generation being dedicated to peace would have appealed to me. Others say, that I was too much fond of a decent and conservative environment to have me running trough the streets in ragged cloths and flowers in the hair.
Well, those who know me well can guess it: Both sides are right. I'd wear the flowers with my suit!

dimanche, avril 25, 2010

Just good.

It was a real beautiful and warm day, so I could not only work in the garden and on the houseyard, but also go out cycling, wearing a T-Shirt. Collected lots of Dandelions for the rabbits. Then we ate outside with steaks grilled o the fireplace. The first time, this year. And since there was still no hoon around, it was a perfect day of spring!

Back home I could achieve a lot of drawing work, too. Funny how outside working / Sports don't really take time from drawing and creativity away: I am more productive and can work better after a good morning of physical activity.

samedi, avril 24, 2010

Project52 - 16 Lots of colors

Here you can see me with the colors, Diana is working with. The one on my lap is the one she uses as the baic for my hair!
These are écolines. Most people think that they are sort of watercolors. They are not. They are sort of highly transparent inks and pretty expensive. But Diana loves to work with them.

When Diana stated to do her comics, back in the Eighties, color printing was extremely expensive. There was no internet and therefore, the only way to have a comic published somehow (fanzines, small time publishers, alternative Press) were to do black and white lineart. Full Color books were reserved to highly professional artists who got published by big companies with enough money to produce color printed books.

Nowadays with a lot of new technologies, color printing has become more affordable. Still, it is anything but cheap.
Diana feels more easy with color work than with black and white. She doesn't like her lineart and hence thinks that colors can catch up the flaws of her black lines.

vendredi, avril 23, 2010

Unexpected Inheritance

Oh boy.
If someone had predicted me yesterday of what would happen today, I'd told to him that he was nuts.
I think such days are really scarce.

But well, I will try to sort things in correct order.

This morning I received a letter from Basel. It had the official seal of the town on it and I wondered what the City of Basel could want from me. Well, it was a letter and a lot of official documents informing me that my paternal grand-father had died October 10, 2009 and that I am a heir, since my father -  his son -  is dead too. I share my father's part of the inheritance with my Grandmother and the three surviving children (two uncles and an aunt.)

Thing is, that I never saw or talked to neither my grandfather, nor my grandmother, let alone the uncles and the aunt. All these years, I did not even know that they were still alive. I did not have any contact to the paternal side of my family. 
At the inheritance-department in Basel they said to me that I have to return the form where I accept the inheritance and then my Grandmother will have to pay me out. 
Aw sh...
So I had to write a letter to her, informing her of my payee information. It is a truly scary feeling to contact for the very first time such a close relative. What should I write? "Hey, I am the grandchild whose existence you know very well but you never were interested to see during 44 years so now that the old fart has died, just give me the money, thanks"
Another scary coincidence is, that she lives in the same street my mom and I have this little apartment we go to, when we are in Basel. So in fact, my unknown grandma lives not more than a few meters away from  me (or at least from my Basilean home)
I finally wrote her, saying that I am her grand-daughter, who, due to the ways of life, she never met yet. I said I was sorry for her loss and that if she wants, we can meet next time I am in Basel, since we really do live in the neighborhood. (And of course I gave her the payee information.)
I am pretty confident that she will pay me out pretty quickly. According to my mom, she is  the kind of person who wants to have everything in order. But will there be any further contact? Will she be willing to meet me?

Don't understand me wrong. I am not in any way "hoping" for some kind of  "late family-reunification". I offered her this meeting as a tribute to destiny who forced us to get in touch, to the fact that we are close relatives and the one that it will be probably the very last chance for the old lady to see the only living offspring of her son, before she goes away, too.
If she doesn't want, maybe because she is afraid it would raise too much of a past she wants to forget, then it is okay for me. I lived 44 years without her, I can do it another 4 decades.

The inheritance itself is not a big fortune, but it will probably allow me to buy a second-hand car. Since I was not able to make any significant saving for a car until now, this sure will solve a big headache.
So thanks Grandpa, and rest in peace. Still, its sad that the only thing I ever had from you is the news about your trespassing and a few bucks for a new car. 

mardi, avril 20, 2010

What a week-end

When last week-end approached, I felt bad, as always, for the fear of the usual arise of the hoon-terror (Thanks Feronia, for that term ;-) stresses me even before something happens. Since this week-end was announced to be a warm and sunny one, I had to expect a lot of noise-terror.
Well, nothing happened. Not a single motorcycle. I really wondered. Yesterday, I accidentally looked outside and saw the main hooning-son from the asshole-neighbors on his motorcycle, the motor being off, slowly rolling down the street and then starting the motor carefully. Without making a fuzz or playing "rodeo". The motor itself sounded as if it was fixed and made a lot less noise. I wouldn't have heard it, if I didn't listen carefully.

Today, I got a letter from the Mayor. He said that he wrote a harsh letter to the asshole neighbors, ordering them to cease their noises and that he informed Police. He also wrote that he asked police to come and control the vehicles to see if they're manipulated in order to make more noise than it is permitted. (They are, believe me.)

Okay, that explains it all. Asshole -Son probably even got fixed his shit on wheels to prevent being fined.
First Week-End in ages for me without being terrorized. It was unbelievable.

Today, my mom went down to town with the bus and heard that a mortal car accident happened near our village this week-end, involving two young hoons. They were playing racers on some forest-road and ended up against a tree or something.
Ok, I know I may sound like a monster now, but I will not lie and say things like "I didn't like them, but I am sorry anyway." I am not sorry. They died by their own bad medicine and probably belonged to the gang that made my life hell for so many times.
Interesting thing is, that during  past week, 3 other mortal accidents, involving (drunk)  hoons occured in our area. That's the highest rate since ages. To me, it just looks like the Karma has gotten worse for some people. Payback-Time or something.
I don't do in Schadenfreude. I am just humbly relieved as there may be a chance that things finally go into a direction that will bring me back peace, sanity and health.

I hope so much that the relief will last.

Our Magnolia has started to bloom:

vendredi, avril 16, 2010

In need for a grid!

This is a call for help to all of my readers with graphical skills.

This is the situation:
At the Weltenbibliothek, a german Wiki where others and me write interactive stories that play in a fictive world (where JFK's empire is part of it, too) We have a world map:

(click on it to have the full size)

To calculate the surface of each country, a user once created a version with a grid, hence we counted how many "squares" covered a country, knowing that a square stands for 68300 km²

This worked well, but then, new countries were added. The User who once created the map with the grid is no longer active. In fact, I don't know what happened to him. Since a year ago now, he didn't respond to any mail or other contacting, which leads me to think that something  ungood happened to him, since we were not angry at each other or something and he had always been very reliable otherwise.
Life must go on on the Weltenbibliothek, tough. Now, unfortunately, said user just gave us the above file, map and grid merged. But in order to go on, we would need a separate grid to put on the updated map. 
Well, I tried, but I wasn't able to create such a grid. And no one in our Community seems to be. Therefore: If any of you knows how to create one, could you give me the instructions? Or even create it? It must be a grid that covers the above Map, in transparent png format. Thanks for every help!

Good fences make good neighbors

Weather is getting slightly warmer, so I could work outside a bit. In the Garden, I met the Guy who owns the patch of land next to my garden. Codename for him in this blog: Mr. Lumberjack.
Every year I pay him for mowing the grass in my garden when he mows his one. A very convenient "flatrate" for me, for the mowing is a huge work. Mr. Lumberjack thanked me for this years paycheck and said that he'll soon do the first mowing.
I took the opportunity to ask him, whether or not, he agreed on my fence, especially on  its trajectory. He said that he didn't have any problem with the fence and wondered why I left so much space on the frontier. "Your yard is much bigger than that" he said. I then told him that I purposely did leave a lot of space for him "to breathe",  for I would not dare raising a fence "right under his nose" so to speak.

He appreciated the thought and insisted that the fence really didn't bother him. This was a good thing to hear. I knew Mr. Lumberjack is a friendly man and didn't expect any trouble, but it does me good to have his expressed approval by now. Therefore, when I get these other poles I wait for being delivered, nothing will stop me in finishing that fence! Once the whole yard is closed, Mr. Lumberjack will receive a key, so he can enter for the mowing jobs.

The other Neighbor (the one from the three houses on the opposite road-side, father of kids who stole the apples, I will codename him Mr.Middlehouse) had a real dirty look at my fence when he saw me working on it for the first time.
Well, there's nothing you can do against it, asshole! And just wait when I'll have the barbed wire fixed!
It was also a look of disbelief, because as the typical, fat, smarmy Macho he is, he probably didn't expect a woman being able to build a fence.
Talking about the folks in the three-houses settling: The family of the first house, (will call them  Firsthouse), the ones who own the dogs, the little ever-barking rat and the Pitbull-monster, have burnt down their home.
Yes, goddam putted that shit on fire!
I didn't see it, but Mrs. Whitebeard did. She was the one who called the firefighters and they prevented the house from being totally reduced to ashes, but ruined it with that foam they use to extinct flames. The fire was caused by Mr. Firsthouse himself, while trying to install a heating system without proper knowledge. I spare you any further comment...

I also planted the flowers I bought in Basel for Gribis Grave:

The little cat statuette was found on a flee market. I thought it would be nice on the grave-stone. The Spring flowers at the house corner do well, too:

jeudi, avril 15, 2010

Project52 - 15 Light and Shadow

Most of the Project52 entries are from John F.s view, this one will be from mine.

Light and shadow is a difficult subject, because I feel that there has been so much told about it that there is not much left one could ad.
"Shadow" recalls two favorite verses in two favorite songs of mine: First, there is Patricia Kaas "Et si il fallait le faire"  ("And if it has to be done") where she says:

Jusqu'à n'être plus rien 
Que l'ombre de tes nuits 
Jusqu'à n'être plus rien 
Qu'une ombre qui te suit 

Until I am nothing more
than the shadow of your nights,
until I am nothing more,
than a shadow that follows you.

It is a beautiful Song about Love that leads to total self-denying. Video of the song, here btw.
The other song is one of Leonard Cohen (You know, my very favorite Songwriter and Singer) and its entitled "the partisan". (Video of the song)  It tells the story of a french Résistance Fighter during WW2.
The refrain says:

Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing,
through the graves the wind is blowing,
freedom soon will come;
then we'll come from the shadows.

I try to reflect about why these two songs came into my mind first. (after all, when thinking a little while, tons of songs that contain a reference to "shadow" would emerge... )
In a certain manner, both songs describe the story of my soul, my inner life.
The first song describes the willing entry into the state of a shadow all by self-devotion. The second describes the life as a shadow, that awaits to come out for the light.
And this leads me back to Jack. (Rhyme not intended). I used to live in the shadows, shadows I gradually entered into, after a start in the light. Until it was almost utterly dark. Sometimes the light broke trough and I could enjoy all its beauty for when Light shines into a dark abyss, its even more bright than in a clear sky. Like in the Cohen Song I always felt that "freedom soon will come and then, I'll come from the shadows"... in an uncertain future.

When Jack came, he brought the sun and I stood in the light. A light so blinding that sometimes, I feel the need to become a shadow again, like it is described in Patricia Kaas Song. 

mercredi, avril 14, 2010

Project52 - 14 The joy of Easter

Have no illusions: The egg I carry wasn't hand-painted with care and love by Diana.
It's from a six pack of hard cooked eggs she bought some days ago in Basel , because they were on the "reduced price" corner for reaching pull date very soon. We made that photo and then she ate the egg - before it rots for good.

What shall I say about Easter? Its not a holiday I do share with Diana. She prefers celebrating Ostara, which took place a month ago. This is perfectly okay for me.
I always enjoyed Easter-Egg searching, be it at home or on the lawn of the White House. My children loved that. Easter eggs are like the other cool holiday things, such as the Christmas tree, its ornaments, Mistletoes, santa and the gifts. Isn't it funny that all these things are of pagan origin?
How many people, aside from real fundies,  actually do prefer Church and Jesus-Stories over said things?
Very few, I'd bet.

You can still read testimonies from friends and co-workers of mine on how, in private,  I moaned about the fact that as the President, I will have to attempt Church every Sunday, and of course, every holiday.

I was not the only one who preferred the Pagan aspects of the holidays over the Christian aspects. But back then, it wasn't a good idea to make such statements. Even my stand for the  "right of not attending any church at all" brought me tons of hate-mail and the blame of having "betrayed Christianity".

People really made a big fuzz about religion back then.  - Hell! Still today, I'm afraid.

Last Christmas, Schools in Zurich (Switzerland) were prohibited to sing Christmas songs with References to Christ - because they could offend Muslim Children.
I didn't get it then and I don't get it now: Why is it so f***** difficult to be just a little more tolerant, I mean on ALL sides.

But we are going too much into depth of a wide subject here...Too much for a silly little egg from the "close-to-decay-and-stink" desk.

mardi, avril 13, 2010

Project52-13 :High Hopes

Terribly behind in Project52, so I will to try to catch up as quick as possible.

Again, the Premise wans't easy to translate. "Hoch hinaus" can be interpreted in many ways. So this will be a very free interpretation.
It can mean a big target, a high goal one wants to achieve. I remember Frank Sinatra singing the Electoral Campaign Song for me, it was "High Hopes". He later found me being  a bit ungrateful for his efforts and me - well, I didn't like the obscure people he hanged around with. I was the President by then and had to choose carefully who I'd be seen with and who not. But okay, these are old stories...

Setting targets is a difficult subject between Diana and me. Its the matter in which we do differ the most. I push her hard to do her work, her art. I pushed her to enhance her physical fitness; (it worked!) I always say to her what I said in my life too, "Once you settle for second, that's what will happen in your life". In the very moment when you accept a lesser good result / Situation / Option, it will be your reality. So don't accept it. Fight!
Diana in the other hand, thinks that accepting "the second" can sometimes prevent you from being unhappy your whole life because you struggle for a goal you will never reach. Even when you are really determined to obtain something (recognition in Art, as an example) and even if you work real hard for it, putting in all your passion, discipline, love and strength, you can fail and -  probably will.
So it is better to accept your limits and your pain will heal. No hopes, no deception.

I admit that it isn't that easy for me to contradict this way of thinking, because I cannot guarantee success either.
All I can say is: Try to be keep high hopes and goals, all while enjoying the humble present, too.

lundi, avril 12, 2010

With the bicycle to Moscow

I went in Moscow yesterday, with my Bicycle.
I am not kidding, here is the proof:

Moscou (Moscow) is a little french village that was on the way to Attigny, another Village that was the destination of my trip.

After a long and a bit painful journey back from Basel on Saturday, I had no much time to rest:
A "Rabbit Fair" on Sunday in Attigny was announced on a flyer, which was of great interest for me, since  I was looking for Rabbits for the season. But without a car, the question on  how to get there arose. I wondered whether it can be reached with the bicycle or not. It seemed to be not completely impossible, Attigny is about 22 Kilometers from my home. An experienced cyclist would do it without any problem.

But, in the other hand, that's 22 km trough the mountains, up and down and to be honest, I never went this far with my Bike yet.  Therefore I really was not sure if I would be able to do this, let alone with my heart problems.

But I decided to try it. I packed up food and said to my mom to be prepared to see me gone for the whole day.
The weather was sunny, but with a cold wind. It took me an hour to reach Gruey les Surances, altough it isn't that far. Reason was that I had to do most of the way by walking, since the ups and downs are too steeply for me  to cycle. I even don't do downhill cycling. I have fears since I had a an accident years ago. Therefore, I hike slowly next to the bike, where other people might enjoy to roll down with speed.

Passing Gruey, I went on the high Plateau were Moscow is. There, I advanced more quicly, since the roads were mostly flat. I passed huge sheep farms that are there:

Then I crossed a real long road trough a forest and wasn't even sure I was on the right way, since the road was in bad shape.

But after two hours, I reached the next village and knew I was on the right way.
I decided to make a break on a resting site, have some food and water.

I then arrived at the village of Droiteval and already felt pretty exhaust. That scared me, since I knew that I would have the whole way back to do.

At Droiteval, I asked for the way and a woman sent me on the road to the left. It was a terrible climbing. I more and more  felt insecure, if that was the right way. I looked on the map again and saw, that I was on the opposite direction, on the way to Claudon. So I went back to Droiteval and took he right turn. It lead me to a  forest lane which was in a very bad shape, but seemed to do the way the map indicated . So if it was the right way, it should lead me directly to Attigny. After 45 minutes, the forest ended and the wind brought me the noise of fair-Music.  I was right, indeed!
I arrived at the village and could see the fair from far. I made it!

Several Rabbits were on sale. I bought 3. I tied the Boxes we stuffed them in on the bicycle and I started for the way back home. I felt terribly tired and the idea to do all THIS way back seemed almost unbearable. On the way, the boxes became more and more instable.  I tried to fix them better, but they fell down, liberating one of the hares. It was so stunned and surprised that I could catch it again. After 5 hours, I finally reached the last high plateau before my village. Cold blasts of wind made it hard to go on and rain clouds came up, too:

Then, I finally arrived at home. We put the rabbits in the stable and gave them food. Apparantly the hard journey didn't damage their appetite, they immediatly started to eat. Poor things! This trip wasn't easy for them neither, stuffed in this box.

I never felt THIS exhausted at a day's end. every single bone was in pain. I calculated the amount of calories burnt during this 9 hour-Trip in my diet-Program and it yielded 4000 calories spent !!
I ate 1600 (which is very much for me) this still makes a deficit of 2400. Wow! I could have swallowed a Pizza and still loose weight.
The Trip sure tested out my personal limits. But it did me much good (even tough I still have an unbelievable Bodyache ;-) )
The idea to cycle down to Town seems so much easy now, since it is not even half the way I did.

mardi, avril 06, 2010

Days like this

This morning I went to the doctor with the Bus. I arrived at 9:00AM and since the Bus returns at 11:00 AM, I had two hours to achieve the visit. Enough time, one should think.
4 people already waited for visit when I arrived. Normally, the Doctor takes about 15 Minutes for a visit so this would make 1 hour of waiting, ok.
But then, two people had more than a half hour and it started to get pretty stressing since  11:00 came closer and closer.

I got in at 10:30.
Fortunately, it did not take me long explanations on what my problems are. First, He saw it at the first sight, telling me that he was shocked that " at my last visit I looked so good and  today, I look  weak, ill, stressed and meager." I told him about my symptoms.
Part of he symptoms are permanent lack of appetite, therefore I eat much less than my diet would allow, hence the accelerated weight loss.
After examination he concluded that the heart muscle probably was infected by the constant high-beating and stress and the nervous tension. He suggested to try a medical treatment and when it does not do the job, I will have to go to the hospital. He said that he knows that my village becomes "more and more invaded by reckless motorcyclers and other bad individuals".

He said that he will talk to the Mayor and inform him of my Illness and the urge to do something against the basic problem.
This was very good news for me. I already wrote a letter to the mayor, telling him of my declining health. Now if the doctor confirms my statement, this will add to the pressure.
Really, I am so happy that people are not so unaware of the problem as I thought. I feel less alone.
When I got out of the doctors cabinet, I had only 10 minutes left to run to the drugstore in order to fetch the medics.
The drugstore was full with people. I said hat I have the bus departing in a few minutes and so I was served before the others. Then I ran to the Bus-Station where the Bus waited for me.

Now I am here with a bag filled up with 10 different medics and I feel like Gribi in his last days. My gandma always said that, as a nurse, she observed that when people start to take a huge amount of Medics, it's a sign that they will not last for long then. Scary. But I do hope I can overcome all this.
The medics help, but make me terribly tired.
Nevertheless, it is a good feeling to have the heart finally calmed down and not so much in pain.
But in case any of you herbal experts have advices on what more natural therapies I could at least add to the nasty pharma-warfare, therapies that strengthen the heart, nerves and help to fight anxiety and stress, I would greatly appreciate any Tip

After dinner, I went into the garden planting Peas. The earth was warm and wet (not too wet) and I think It was the perfect day to plant them. After all, tomorrow I will have to leave for a trip to Basel for 3 days.

Speaking of that trip: Going to the yahoo France site today, I discovered that there will be strikes on all major french railway lanes. I called the service center and they confirmed that tomorrow, the usual train will not be in service, but a Bus will substitute it.
Fine. Great.
I go to Basel once a month and they strike exactly at this day! The Bus will take twice as long as the train would. But heck, I HAVE to go, or we're out of money and I am already out of drawing tools and colors.

Thanks for all your support - read you in three days (or sooner, if I can go in an Internet-Café)

lundi, avril 05, 2010

End of Holidays - Thanks to Gods

First day with a bit of sunshine. I took the opportunity to make a cycle-Trip to the pond of stones. It still rests in a winterly ambient. No spring yet there. I collected some stones to put around my house flowerbeds. After home-coming, I spent an hour in the garden.

Look from the garden to the roadside. Behind the stones you can see the poles which will soon carry the barbed wire. The green "moss" in the bed is Garden Cress. Makes fine,early salads!

Down in the cemetery yard, First blossom too.

The graves - still without flowers. But the lanterns from Samhain left.

Tomorrow I will have to take the bus for Doctor Visit. I hope I can do another bit of garden work after my return. Because on Wednesday, I will travel to Basel.

Seriously, I am glad easter holidays have passed. Asshole Neighbors really didn't spare us any noise. It was a bit calmer today, after Mom's yesterday yelling at them. Because she saw that I almost had a heart failure due to the eternal stress, she decided to go kick their butts.  As for me, I wrote a letter to the mayor, complaining about the situation.
 The heart still hurts and beats way too fast. Will see that with the doc tomorrow.

samedi, avril 03, 2010

The twilight thing

This entry is still a bit in the Fallout of DA's "Fool's day Joke".  ;-)

A main reason because a lot of people were pretty pissed off by the whole operation was the fact that some of the replacement avatars were from the famous/infamous Twilight series
A lot of folks actually do use Deviant Art as a platform to express their utter hate of this series.  Hence haters who had to bear a twilight-Avatar during this day, felt particularly offended.

I'll take the opportunity to reflect a bit on that Twilight phenomenon. 
First of all, I never read the book, nor did I watch the Film. I saw excerpts of the Film of course and read some pages out of the book. 
I admit that my impression  isn't positive so far, on the contrary, its pretty negative.  

First thing is the obvious Mary-Sueness of the Characters. I mean, it starts with the name of the heroine: Bella Swan. Who, past the year 1950, would actually call a human being "Bella"? It's a name for a toy poodle.  And yes, we got it: Bella Swan = the beautiful swan. Wasn't it possible to make it even more obvious and superficial?

The second thing is, that the the whole concept of the heroine is as backward as her name. She's a teen eternally in distress who entirely defines herself trough her boyfriend. In this case the Vampire Edward Cullen.
This aspect is one of the main objection people have against the series. It is simply scary to see so much *female* teenagers actually fall for it. They are not only fans, they literally become obsessed and seem to identify themselves perfectly with Bella. This makes you reflect on how much effect the womans liberation era still has nowadays. Why do strong female characters seem to be out? 
Maybe its true and Women actually ARE by majority, weak submissive beings who can't wait to throw away every sparkle of self-esteem and own personality for the "right" man. Women with their own ways would then be biological exceptions.

Speaking of Sparkles, that's the third great objection people have against Twilight. The said Vampire Boy, Edward Cullen, somehow "sparkles". This is highly disturbing especially for traditional Vampire fans who can't stand such a "gay" version of their heroes. Here I must say that I am pretty neutral and "real vampires don't sparkle" statements are a bit senseless too, since Vampires aren't real. At least not in what we commonly understand under "Reality".
Still, that sparkling thing looks pretty tacky to me and fits the all over bad taste and "Barbie-for-Grownups" Feeling of the series.

I hope I didn't offend any Twilight-Lover out there. It was not my intention. 

All Pics in this Post are from DA.

vendredi, avril 02, 2010


Okay, you all got it,  yesterdays entry was a stupid Fools-day-First-of-April Joke. I make it clear here again, even though it was obvious, since I got some mails from people who were not as sure. Thank you for thinking its possible I am this nutty ;-)

Okay, the Joke wasn't funny. April Day Jokes  seldom are. The least funny was the thing Deviant Art did: changing every User's Avatar into another and also changing the signature of the user. With no way to put back the right stuff.

Instead of my JFK avatar I had this:

A freaking ugly animated shit, showing some gal called "Lady gaga" - whom I am probably supposed to know, but I don't, since I am over 30.

DA think its terribly funny.  I think its terrible Bullshit.
DA says that all will be back to normal on April 2. Well, hope its soon April 2, in USA too, because here, I still have that maniac chick. More than 20 hours now without my JFK avatar - Crap, and there I thought the US aren't into torture anymore.

jeudi, avril 01, 2010

Divorce from JFK

This entry is somewhat hard for me to make.
I I know a lot of you will wonder about me - even more than you did anyway, I guess.
But I think it is time to be honest to you all and share with you my true feelings.

I broke up with JFK. Honestly, he doesn't inspire me anymore.
The main reason is that, since a couple of days, I have dreams with George W. Bush. And he is much more charming, intelligent and brighter than Jack.
It will be a huge task to change all my stories. learn to draw new characters (those surrounding GWB) and it will be a change for my readers.

But An artist has to be honest and only do what she really feels like doing.

It will also be a challenge to redraw all the scenes of the Film, replacing Jack with dear George. But It can be done, nothing is impossible for Mrs. Bush.

Again, I am feeling like in a Leonard Cohen Song: "you made me change my name again..."


Diana Bush