mardi, avril 06, 2010

Days like this

This morning I went to the doctor with the Bus. I arrived at 9:00AM and since the Bus returns at 11:00 AM, I had two hours to achieve the visit. Enough time, one should think.
4 people already waited for visit when I arrived. Normally, the Doctor takes about 15 Minutes for a visit so this would make 1 hour of waiting, ok.
But then, two people had more than a half hour and it started to get pretty stressing since  11:00 came closer and closer.

I got in at 10:30.
Fortunately, it did not take me long explanations on what my problems are. First, He saw it at the first sight, telling me that he was shocked that " at my last visit I looked so good and  today, I look  weak, ill, stressed and meager." I told him about my symptoms.
Part of he symptoms are permanent lack of appetite, therefore I eat much less than my diet would allow, hence the accelerated weight loss.
After examination he concluded that the heart muscle probably was infected by the constant high-beating and stress and the nervous tension. He suggested to try a medical treatment and when it does not do the job, I will have to go to the hospital. He said that he knows that my village becomes "more and more invaded by reckless motorcyclers and other bad individuals".

He said that he will talk to the Mayor and inform him of my Illness and the urge to do something against the basic problem.
This was very good news for me. I already wrote a letter to the mayor, telling him of my declining health. Now if the doctor confirms my statement, this will add to the pressure.
Really, I am so happy that people are not so unaware of the problem as I thought. I feel less alone.
When I got out of the doctors cabinet, I had only 10 minutes left to run to the drugstore in order to fetch the medics.
The drugstore was full with people. I said hat I have the bus departing in a few minutes and so I was served before the others. Then I ran to the Bus-Station where the Bus waited for me.

Now I am here with a bag filled up with 10 different medics and I feel like Gribi in his last days. My gandma always said that, as a nurse, she observed that when people start to take a huge amount of Medics, it's a sign that they will not last for long then. Scary. But I do hope I can overcome all this.
The medics help, but make me terribly tired.
Nevertheless, it is a good feeling to have the heart finally calmed down and not so much in pain.
But in case any of you herbal experts have advices on what more natural therapies I could at least add to the nasty pharma-warfare, therapies that strengthen the heart, nerves and help to fight anxiety and stress, I would greatly appreciate any Tip

After dinner, I went into the garden planting Peas. The earth was warm and wet (not too wet) and I think It was the perfect day to plant them. After all, tomorrow I will have to leave for a trip to Basel for 3 days.

Speaking of that trip: Going to the yahoo France site today, I discovered that there will be strikes on all major french railway lanes. I called the service center and they confirmed that tomorrow, the usual train will not be in service, but a Bus will substitute it.
Fine. Great.
I go to Basel once a month and they strike exactly at this day! The Bus will take twice as long as the train would. But heck, I HAVE to go, or we're out of money and I am already out of drawing tools and colors.

Thanks for all your support - read you in three days (or sooner, if I can go in an Internet-Café)

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Anonyme a dit…

Ich wünsche Dir baldige Besserung. Hast Du schon lange Herzprobleme? Laß Dich bloß von den Sprüchen Deiner Oma nicht einschüchtern! Ich zünde Dir eine Kerze an.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@2Woelfe, ja ich bin in Behandlung wegen dem Herzen seit ich 13 bin.

Danke für die Kerze! Ich glaube an die Kraft davon.

President Snow a dit…

That is good that he will talk to the mayor. You don't need to live in such an environment.

Don't scare me with what your grand mother said! To me, you seem to young to die. Though I understand when it's someone's time to go, they must go. But I hope your time isn't for a while. :)

That is nice that you got in some gardening. At least the day had some good to it! :)

I would much rather ride on a train as well. But we do what we have to do to get by and live. Hope everything goes decent for you!!

Sefarina a dit…

Natürlich kannst du mit Heilpflanzen vorgehen, das Problem ist, dass du Medikamente nimmst und auch Phytotherapie fatale Wechselwirkungen mit bestimmten Pharmas haben kann. Idealerweise sollte ein darin ausgebildeter Arzt die Einnahme abnicken und die sind leider rar.

Für dein Herz wäre natürlich Tee oder Tinktur aus Weißdorn die erste Wahl, vielleicht im Wechsel mit Mistelblättern (Kaltauszug, da sonst giftig). Melisse, Eisenkraut und Baldrian beruhigen deine Nerven, Herzgespann und Passiflora bezähmen die Angst. Wacholder- und Kamilleräucherungen stärken dein Herzchakra.

Um zu vermeiden, dass sich die Pflanzen und deine Medis in die Quere kommen könnte ich dir Bachblüten empfehlen.

Gute Besserung!

Feronia a dit…

I'm so sorry to hear that you're not well, Diana. It's great, though, that the doctor was so understanding and aware of your situation. I am really hoping something can be done about the 'hoons' (that is what we call them in Australia) in your village. I don't mean to contradict your Grandma but when I had bad sciatica earlier this year, I had a plastic box full of pills that I took every day. And I got better :)

OckGal a dit…

You know how grandmothers can be. Plenty of people take a bunch of meds a day for ages and are fine. And they're always coming out with new things.

As for the herbal stuff, I would talk to a doctor who knows all about it. Most won't recommend them at all since a lot of docs are just looking to get money out of you with the regular drugs, but some will be honest enough to tell you. I know some herbal things don't interact with other stuff properly or if you have other issues going on, they can do more harm than good, so I'd check them out before trying any.

Glad you made it to the bus on time!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow
Yes, its scary, but I also don't think that this will be this bad.

@Sefarina, danke für die Tipps. ja, eine ärztliche überwachung wâre ideal, leider gibt es das gerade in Frankreich sehr, sehr wenig, hier ist die Pharamkeule noch uneingeschränkt König. bachblüten wäre wirklich eine Idee.

@Feronia: Hoons? Good name! There must be szeveral cases of peple having to take a lot of medics without that it was their end. It was just scary, because looking at that bag full of them, I of course recalled what Grandma said.

@OckGal, Yes, your thoughts are similar to those of Sefarina; regarding the interacting. The problem is really to find a doc who does herbal medicine. Docs around here are mostly axed on chemical stuff.

@All thank you very much for your comments

Bodecea a dit…

Hallo Diana,

ich weiß ja nicht, welche Herzprobleme du genau hast, aber ordentlich Knoblauch ist unheimlich gut für die(Herz-)Gefäße. Meine Oma ist damit und schrecklich hohem Blutdruck ziemlich alt geworden.

Für die Nerven - ich schätze Johanniskraut sehr, das bringt etwas Sonne ins Herz, aber da musst du auf eventuelle Wechselwirkungen achten.

Alles Liebe

Meine Welt a dit…

Ich wünsche dir eine baldige Besserung und das sich auch sonst alle Probleme lösen
Liebe Grüße

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Bodecea, das mit dem Knoblmaucvh wusste ich nicht, ich hörte allerdings, dass es gut fürs Blut sei. Ich trinke jetzt vermehrt Johainniskraut-Tee.

@Elsbeth: Vielen Dank!

Sefarina a dit…

Johanniskrauttee hat zwei Nachteile.

1. Macht es lichtempfindlich, das heißt du kannst sehr schnell Sonnenbrand u.ä. bekommen.

2. Enthält Johanniskraut MAO-Hemmer und kann zum Beispiel in Verbindung mit Tramal/ Tramadol tödlich sein. Bitte informier dich da, was deine Medis angeht!
Das können sie dir in einer anständigen Apo auch beantworten.

caroona a dit…

Ach Mensch, das kann ich so gut nachvollziehen, dieses komische Gefühl angesichts der Massen an Medikamenten. Ich denke an Dich.