jeudi, avril 01, 2010

Divorce from JFK

This entry is somewhat hard for me to make.
I I know a lot of you will wonder about me - even more than you did anyway, I guess.
But I think it is time to be honest to you all and share with you my true feelings.

I broke up with JFK. Honestly, he doesn't inspire me anymore.
The main reason is that, since a couple of days, I have dreams with George W. Bush. And he is much more charming, intelligent and brighter than Jack.
It will be a huge task to change all my stories. learn to draw new characters (those surrounding GWB) and it will be a change for my readers.

But An artist has to be honest and only do what she really feels like doing.

It will also be a challenge to redraw all the scenes of the Film, replacing Jack with dear George. But It can be done, nothing is impossible for Mrs. Bush.

Again, I am feeling like in a Leonard Cohen Song: "you made me change my name again..."


Diana Bush

6 commentaires:

Gina a dit…

Ha, ha, ha, Diana! Good April Fool's Day joke!

The day keeps getting weirder. I woke up to the disgraceful antic of that female singer stripping in Dealey Plaza and pretending to be shot on infamous Elm Street. At least you gave me a good chuckle!

President Snow a dit…

You almost had me going there.... until I read George W. Bush!

First Lisa gets me, then DeviantArt (If you can call what they did a joke), now you! What next!

And please, I was EATING when I read this!!! Haha! ;)

OckGal a dit…

I agree with the eating thing. Now I lost my appetite just seeing GWB's photo! LOL!

Weidenfrau a dit…

Yes,almost..but then G:W.B?! Ah, yes April 1st. Good joke.

Feronia a dit…

Oh my! You really had me going there for a second, Diana...then the link was made in my mind and I thought ah...the world has not gone completely topsy-turvy...

Diana Kennedy a dit…


Glad you got it all it was of course a (silly) First of April Joke.

Indeed, there were a lot of these jokes on the net today, I wanted to ad my part.

Sorry if I ruined anyones appetite with the photo of GWB ;-)