vendredi, avril 02, 2010


Okay, you all got it,  yesterdays entry was a stupid Fools-day-First-of-April Joke. I make it clear here again, even though it was obvious, since I got some mails from people who were not as sure. Thank you for thinking its possible I am this nutty ;-)

Okay, the Joke wasn't funny. April Day Jokes  seldom are. The least funny was the thing Deviant Art did: changing every User's Avatar into another and also changing the signature of the user. With no way to put back the right stuff.

Instead of my JFK avatar I had this:

A freaking ugly animated shit, showing some gal called "Lady gaga" - whom I am probably supposed to know, but I don't, since I am over 30.

DA think its terribly funny.  I think its terrible Bullshit.
DA says that all will be back to normal on April 2. Well, hope its soon April 2, in USA too, because here, I still have that maniac chick. More than 20 hours now without my JFK avatar - Crap, and there I thought the US aren't into torture anymore.

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Sefarina a dit…

Dein gestriger Eintrag war zuuu offensichtlich - dachte ich zumindest ;-)
Deviant hat meinen Gatten gestern auch geschockt, definitiv nicht lustig...

President Snow a dit…

People just don't seem to know how to be funny anymore. :(

Lady Gaga is REALLY big over here. She's a pop singer. I like some of her songs, her quirky fashion, and I find her a bit attractive, but I'm not in love with her. I'd take Jack a million times over her.

From what I noticed, they didn't get the icons back to normal until 3 AM my time (Eastern Standard Time). They really have to work on their version of humor.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina: Hehe, natürlich war das doch offensichtlich, aber es gab tatsächlich Leute, die ernsthaft "enttäuscht" waren.

Oh, Du und Dein gatte seid auch auf Deviantart?

President Snow: I think I can be just happy I had Lady gaga instead of a twilight Avatar. Lady gaga is probably ok, still she doesn't fit my identity and...but well, it has been all said.

Sefarina a dit…

Ja er ist da schon seit einiger Zeit und ich spiele momentan mit dem Gedanken mir dort ein eigenes Profil anzulegen ;-)

Feronia a dit…

I think that's a bit invasive on the part of DA, actually. And Lady Gaga? As an over-30, not so much my cup of tea, either!

Diana Kennedy a dit…


Wenn Du Dich dot anmeldest, lass es mich wissen, würde Dich gerne auf die Watchlist nehmen!

@ Feronia: It was inded the invasive thing that bothered so many. The intrusion in the private area. Any other kind of Joke would have been fine.