vendredi, avril 16, 2010

Good fences make good neighbors

Weather is getting slightly warmer, so I could work outside a bit. In the Garden, I met the Guy who owns the patch of land next to my garden. Codename for him in this blog: Mr. Lumberjack.
Every year I pay him for mowing the grass in my garden when he mows his one. A very convenient "flatrate" for me, for the mowing is a huge work. Mr. Lumberjack thanked me for this years paycheck and said that he'll soon do the first mowing.
I took the opportunity to ask him, whether or not, he agreed on my fence, especially on  its trajectory. He said that he didn't have any problem with the fence and wondered why I left so much space on the frontier. "Your yard is much bigger than that" he said. I then told him that I purposely did leave a lot of space for him "to breathe",  for I would not dare raising a fence "right under his nose" so to speak.

He appreciated the thought and insisted that the fence really didn't bother him. This was a good thing to hear. I knew Mr. Lumberjack is a friendly man and didn't expect any trouble, but it does me good to have his expressed approval by now. Therefore, when I get these other poles I wait for being delivered, nothing will stop me in finishing that fence! Once the whole yard is closed, Mr. Lumberjack will receive a key, so he can enter for the mowing jobs.

The other Neighbor (the one from the three houses on the opposite road-side, father of kids who stole the apples, I will codename him Mr.Middlehouse) had a real dirty look at my fence when he saw me working on it for the first time.
Well, there's nothing you can do against it, asshole! And just wait when I'll have the barbed wire fixed!
It was also a look of disbelief, because as the typical, fat, smarmy Macho he is, he probably didn't expect a woman being able to build a fence.
Talking about the folks in the three-houses settling: The family of the first house, (will call them  Firsthouse), the ones who own the dogs, the little ever-barking rat and the Pitbull-monster, have burnt down their home.
Yes, goddam putted that shit on fire!
I didn't see it, but Mrs. Whitebeard did. She was the one who called the firefighters and they prevented the house from being totally reduced to ashes, but ruined it with that foam they use to extinct flames. The fire was caused by Mr. Firsthouse himself, while trying to install a heating system without proper knowledge. I spare you any further comment...

I also planted the flowers I bought in Basel for Gribis Grave:

The little cat statuette was found on a flee market. I thought it would be nice on the grave-stone. The Spring flowers at the house corner do well, too:

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President Snow a dit…

Beautiful pictures. So nice your one neighbor is helpful and kind to you. :) Don't know about some of the other neighbors though...

Very cute little statuette for the grave. :)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow: Yes, I have some very nice, but also some very annoying neighbors.

2woelfe a dit…


"I'm a Lumberjack and I'm o-kay..."

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@2Woelfe: :-)