mardi, avril 13, 2010

Project52-13 :High Hopes

Terribly behind in Project52, so I will to try to catch up as quick as possible.

Again, the Premise wans't easy to translate. "Hoch hinaus" can be interpreted in many ways. So this will be a very free interpretation.
It can mean a big target, a high goal one wants to achieve. I remember Frank Sinatra singing the Electoral Campaign Song for me, it was "High Hopes". He later found me being  a bit ungrateful for his efforts and me - well, I didn't like the obscure people he hanged around with. I was the President by then and had to choose carefully who I'd be seen with and who not. But okay, these are old stories...

Setting targets is a difficult subject between Diana and me. Its the matter in which we do differ the most. I push her hard to do her work, her art. I pushed her to enhance her physical fitness; (it worked!) I always say to her what I said in my life too, "Once you settle for second, that's what will happen in your life". In the very moment when you accept a lesser good result / Situation / Option, it will be your reality. So don't accept it. Fight!
Diana in the other hand, thinks that accepting "the second" can sometimes prevent you from being unhappy your whole life because you struggle for a goal you will never reach. Even when you are really determined to obtain something (recognition in Art, as an example) and even if you work real hard for it, putting in all your passion, discipline, love and strength, you can fail and -  probably will.
So it is better to accept your limits and your pain will heal. No hopes, no deception.

I admit that it isn't that easy for me to contradict this way of thinking, because I cannot guarantee success either.
All I can say is: Try to be keep high hopes and goals, all while enjoying the humble present, too.

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Feronia a dit…

Mr Kennedy, I have to say I am inclined to agree with Diana - sometimes accepting what is around you rather than looking for what hasn't arrived yet (and may never) - 'accepting second' if you like - is a good way to find something worthwhile and rewarding in everything and to move forward in your life.

caroona a dit…

What I really like about your Projekt52-contributions is that you always add some very interesting thoughts with the picture. I could not say who I think is right, JFK or you. Maybe the truth really is somewhere in the middle here. Thoughtprovoking and enjoyable, thank you!

Still have to do "Hoch hinaus" and "Verwandtschaft" myself...

President Snow a dit…

Hmm, Jack I shall have to say I usually carry your philosophy more. I have a hard time settling for any less than what I really want. I mean, I can be humble though and accept I do get. And sometimes what we think we "Settled for" is actually the best! So really, we just gotta keeping going and see!

So I guess I agree with you both! Haha!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Ferinia: Actually, it was a great relief for me to accept that some things I hoped for will never happen. I have more peace now. That doesn't mean that I don't want to go forward anymore.

@Caroona: Thank you very much.

@President Snow: I think it is an art to actually recognize it when "second" is, in reality the best.

@All from JFK:

Fine. Okay. But that's the reason *I* became president and you won't.

Sefarina a dit…

Ich denke ebenfalls man sollte sich nicht mit weniger zufreiden geben, als mit dem was man wirklich will. Das müssen aber nicht immer goldene Löffel sein, sondern das was man wirklich braucht.
Man kann nicht alles haben, aber zufrieden sein - nicht mönchisch sondern wirklich - das sollte man.

Bodecea a dit…

Ja, das stimmt - du und Mr. Kennedy bringen zu den Bildern auch immer spannende Gedanken!

Ich bin eher jemand, der das "Passende" sucht - nicht das Optimale. Egal, ob es um eigenes Tun und Leisten geht, Kaufentscheidungen oder sonst was - wenn es passt, ist es prima. Mehr muss nicht.

Ich gehöre definitiv nicht zu den Leuten, die 23 Möbelmärkte abklappern und dann ein halbes Jahr Lieferzeit in Kauf nehmen, um das optimale Bett zu kaufen. Ich kenne solche Leute!

OK, manchmal lohnt es sich, um das Beste zu kämpfen. Aber nicht bei allem und jeden Tag.