mercredi, avril 14, 2010

Project52 - 14 The joy of Easter

Have no illusions: The egg I carry wasn't hand-painted with care and love by Diana.
It's from a six pack of hard cooked eggs she bought some days ago in Basel , because they were on the "reduced price" corner for reaching pull date very soon. We made that photo and then she ate the egg - before it rots for good.

What shall I say about Easter? Its not a holiday I do share with Diana. She prefers celebrating Ostara, which took place a month ago. This is perfectly okay for me.
I always enjoyed Easter-Egg searching, be it at home or on the lawn of the White House. My children loved that. Easter eggs are like the other cool holiday things, such as the Christmas tree, its ornaments, Mistletoes, santa and the gifts. Isn't it funny that all these things are of pagan origin?
How many people, aside from real fundies,  actually do prefer Church and Jesus-Stories over said things?
Very few, I'd bet.

You can still read testimonies from friends and co-workers of mine on how, in private,  I moaned about the fact that as the President, I will have to attempt Church every Sunday, and of course, every holiday.

I was not the only one who preferred the Pagan aspects of the holidays over the Christian aspects. But back then, it wasn't a good idea to make such statements. Even my stand for the  "right of not attending any church at all" brought me tons of hate-mail and the blame of having "betrayed Christianity".

People really made a big fuzz about religion back then.  - Hell! Still today, I'm afraid.

Last Christmas, Schools in Zurich (Switzerland) were prohibited to sing Christmas songs with References to Christ - because they could offend Muslim Children.
I didn't get it then and I don't get it now: Why is it so f***** difficult to be just a little more tolerant, I mean on ALL sides.

But we are going too much into depth of a wide subject here...Too much for a silly little egg from the "close-to-decay-and-stink" desk.

4 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Toleranz ist großartig, aber wenn es um die "großen" Religionen geht steht man schnell vor der Frage ob man auch Intoleranz tolerieren muss...


Feronia a dit…

I didn't know these things about you, Mr Kennedy. I assumed you were a staunch Catholic like Bobby and Jackie. Tolerance is the way to go, absolutely. Doesn't happen too often, though.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina: Wenn man Intoleranz toleriert wird die eigene Toleranz schlichtweg ad absurdum geführt, weil man zum Komplizen der Intoleranz wird.

@Ferinia: No, JFK wasn't a good catholic, he even once said that if he could live his life again, it would be with another religion. It's an irony of history that he was so much attacked... for "being a catholic".
Bobby, indeed, was very catholic.

Feronia a dit…

That's really interesting - it changes my ideas about him somewhat - because he was so much maligned for being a Catholic, wasn't he.