jeudi, avril 15, 2010

Project52 - 15 Light and Shadow

Most of the Project52 entries are from John F.s view, this one will be from mine.

Light and shadow is a difficult subject, because I feel that there has been so much told about it that there is not much left one could ad.
"Shadow" recalls two favorite verses in two favorite songs of mine: First, there is Patricia Kaas "Et si il fallait le faire"  ("And if it has to be done") where she says:

Jusqu'à n'être plus rien 
Que l'ombre de tes nuits 
Jusqu'à n'être plus rien 
Qu'une ombre qui te suit 

Until I am nothing more
than the shadow of your nights,
until I am nothing more,
than a shadow that follows you.

It is a beautiful Song about Love that leads to total self-denying. Video of the song, here btw.
The other song is one of Leonard Cohen (You know, my very favorite Songwriter and Singer) and its entitled "the partisan". (Video of the song)  It tells the story of a french Résistance Fighter during WW2.
The refrain says:

Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing,
through the graves the wind is blowing,
freedom soon will come;
then we'll come from the shadows.

I try to reflect about why these two songs came into my mind first. (after all, when thinking a little while, tons of songs that contain a reference to "shadow" would emerge... )
In a certain manner, both songs describe the story of my soul, my inner life.
The first song describes the willing entry into the state of a shadow all by self-devotion. The second describes the life as a shadow, that awaits to come out for the light.
And this leads me back to Jack. (Rhyme not intended). I used to live in the shadows, shadows I gradually entered into, after a start in the light. Until it was almost utterly dark. Sometimes the light broke trough and I could enjoy all its beauty for when Light shines into a dark abyss, its even more bright than in a clear sky. Like in the Cohen Song I always felt that "freedom soon will come and then, I'll come from the shadows"... in an uncertain future.

When Jack came, he brought the sun and I stood in the light. A light so blinding that sometimes, I feel the need to become a shadow again, like it is described in Patricia Kaas Song. 

3 commentaires:

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

I like the first verse. It is kind of sad and I feel sad today ;-(

caroona a dit…

Wow, very moving lyrics and an amazing picture. He looks like something from out of a dream or from those moments when you just wake up but your head is not completely clear yet. And can I just say, this doll makes such a serious face which makes him even cuter.

I have to say I took french classes at school for four years but I totally suck at it and am very grateful for any translations. My teacher was terrible and it feels like such a waste of time with nothing to show afterwards.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Magaly: Big hugs to you - hope things will get better soon.

@Caroona: This is a thing I appreciate a lot on this doll, its his serious, almost melancholic look. The other dolls in this series (US-Presidents) mostly have a stupid grin, which makes them look silly.