samedi, avril 24, 2010

Project52 - 16 Lots of colors

Here you can see me with the colors, Diana is working with. The one on my lap is the one she uses as the baic for my hair!
These are écolines. Most people think that they are sort of watercolors. They are not. They are sort of highly transparent inks and pretty expensive. But Diana loves to work with them.

When Diana stated to do her comics, back in the Eighties, color printing was extremely expensive. There was no internet and therefore, the only way to have a comic published somehow (fanzines, small time publishers, alternative Press) were to do black and white lineart. Full Color books were reserved to highly professional artists who got published by big companies with enough money to produce color printed books.

Nowadays with a lot of new technologies, color printing has become more affordable. Still, it is anything but cheap.
Diana feels more easy with color work than with black and white. She doesn't like her lineart and hence thinks that colors can catch up the flaws of her black lines.

2 commentaires:

caroona a dit…

Wohl wahr, die sehen echt total nach Wasserfarben aus. Was ist denn der Unterschied zwischen Tinte und Wasserfarbe genau? (Fragt die Chemikerin, haha...)

Ich bin ja selber Perfektionistin und stelle an mich immer unmögliche Ansprüche, also sage ich mal nichts dazu, was ich von Deinen Line Arts halte, die andere Menschen nach jahrelangem Üben bis die Finger bluten nicht hinbekämen ;o)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Caroona - den chemischen Unterschied kann ich Dir auch nicht sagen, aber während Wasserfarbe matt und deckend ist ( es sei denn, man verdünnt es wie Sau) ist Tinte in jedem Fall transparent.