samedi, avril 03, 2010

The twilight thing

This entry is still a bit in the Fallout of DA's "Fool's day Joke".  ;-)

A main reason because a lot of people were pretty pissed off by the whole operation was the fact that some of the replacement avatars were from the famous/infamous Twilight series
A lot of folks actually do use Deviant Art as a platform to express their utter hate of this series.  Hence haters who had to bear a twilight-Avatar during this day, felt particularly offended.

I'll take the opportunity to reflect a bit on that Twilight phenomenon. 
First of all, I never read the book, nor did I watch the Film. I saw excerpts of the Film of course and read some pages out of the book. 
I admit that my impression  isn't positive so far, on the contrary, its pretty negative.  

First thing is the obvious Mary-Sueness of the Characters. I mean, it starts with the name of the heroine: Bella Swan. Who, past the year 1950, would actually call a human being "Bella"? It's a name for a toy poodle.  And yes, we got it: Bella Swan = the beautiful swan. Wasn't it possible to make it even more obvious and superficial?

The second thing is, that the the whole concept of the heroine is as backward as her name. She's a teen eternally in distress who entirely defines herself trough her boyfriend. In this case the Vampire Edward Cullen.
This aspect is one of the main objection people have against the series. It is simply scary to see so much *female* teenagers actually fall for it. They are not only fans, they literally become obsessed and seem to identify themselves perfectly with Bella. This makes you reflect on how much effect the womans liberation era still has nowadays. Why do strong female characters seem to be out? 
Maybe its true and Women actually ARE by majority, weak submissive beings who can't wait to throw away every sparkle of self-esteem and own personality for the "right" man. Women with their own ways would then be biological exceptions.

Speaking of Sparkles, that's the third great objection people have against Twilight. The said Vampire Boy, Edward Cullen, somehow "sparkles". This is highly disturbing especially for traditional Vampire fans who can't stand such a "gay" version of their heroes. Here I must say that I am pretty neutral and "real vampires don't sparkle" statements are a bit senseless too, since Vampires aren't real. At least not in what we commonly understand under "Reality".
Still, that sparkling thing looks pretty tacky to me and fits the all over bad taste and "Barbie-for-Grownups" Feeling of the series.

I hope I didn't offend any Twilight-Lover out there. It was not my intention. 

All Pics in this Post are from DA.

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

Ah ... I was "blessed" with a "Team Edward" avatar on April Fool's Day, too. It was annoying but being April Fool's, it was to be expected that something would happen. I don't see why people get SO upset over it ... some DA residents are just blowing it greatly out of proportion.

That said, your write-up of Twilight made me snicker. It's almost as good as this write-up of Avatar (

I also have not seen the Twilight movies and have not read any of the books. I have no interest in the vampire genre, and the idea of teenage vampires is just ... let me rephrase that. The idea of angsty teenagers leaves me cold, vampires or not. ;)

The best Twilight-related bit of merchandise I have yet seen is a T-shirt available at Hot Topic. Black shirt, white text. Text reads, "And then Buffy staked Edward. The End." *ROFL*

Okay, I have to admit that I am a fan dork ... I'm into Harry Potter. But at least the characters in Harry Potter have BRAINS and there's certainly no "damsel in distress" character.

President Snow a dit…

I was glad I at least didn't get a Twilight avatar. I just can't get myself into it at all (I have a few friends who are so into it...gee). I totally agree with everything you say!! :D

Sefarina a dit…

Die Bücher habe ich nicht gelesen, aber tatsächlich versucht den Film zu sehen, man soll ja über nichts urteilen das man nicht kennt und so...
Nach einer Viertelstunde hatte ich aber bereits genug und habe ihn auch nicht zu Ende gesehen (zur Hälfte vielleicht?)

Es gibt nicht viele Filme, die ich tatsächlich abgebrochen und auch nie zu Ende gesehen habe, man kann sie an einer Hand abzählen, aber diese Twilight-Sache widerstrebt mir aufs Heftigste.

Feronia a dit…

I've tried reading 'Twilight' but it just hasn't worked. I think I am about 20 years too old for it! And also, in some ways, it just seems like a Buffy-reheat to me. And Buffy did it *so* much better!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Mauser*Girl I believe that Harry Potter is lightyears better than Twilight. I actually enjoyed the Harry Potter Films.

@President Snow: Fortunately, there's no Twilight Fan in my closer circle. Must be annoying.

@Sefarina, es ist natürlich richtig, dass man über nichts urteilen soll, was man nicht gelesen hat. Manchmal reichen aber in der Tat auch nur wenige Happen um zu wissen "ok, das ist nichts für mich."

@Feronia: Another one. I guess Twilight is really written for a very specific target audience, which we don't belong to.

OckGal a dit…

I love vampires so when new stuff comes out, I tend to check it out. But if the world goes crazy with a new fandom, I stay away from it and it gets annoying because every store markets 1,000 different things on the subject until you run out of the store screaming to get away from it.

So after a while, I watched Twilight and wasn't really impressed. At all. It's just another movie directed at young people to get them to buy all the stuff that has to do with it. I didn't like the characters (they make vampires younger and younger looking these days!) and the sparkle thing....I don't even get that.

I know there's another one out, but I have no urge to see it. I probably will watch some day when I have nothing else to work out to, but I can wait.

There's a show on HBO called True Blood which is pretty cool, though. Sorta the same thing, but not as much teeny stuff going on. And it's more adult-oriented since it's on a pay channel. Of course after 2 seasons, it vanished, so I'm bothered by that. Figures.