mardi, avril 20, 2010

What a week-end

When last week-end approached, I felt bad, as always, for the fear of the usual arise of the hoon-terror (Thanks Feronia, for that term ;-) stresses me even before something happens. Since this week-end was announced to be a warm and sunny one, I had to expect a lot of noise-terror.
Well, nothing happened. Not a single motorcycle. I really wondered. Yesterday, I accidentally looked outside and saw the main hooning-son from the asshole-neighbors on his motorcycle, the motor being off, slowly rolling down the street and then starting the motor carefully. Without making a fuzz or playing "rodeo". The motor itself sounded as if it was fixed and made a lot less noise. I wouldn't have heard it, if I didn't listen carefully.

Today, I got a letter from the Mayor. He said that he wrote a harsh letter to the asshole neighbors, ordering them to cease their noises and that he informed Police. He also wrote that he asked police to come and control the vehicles to see if they're manipulated in order to make more noise than it is permitted. (They are, believe me.)

Okay, that explains it all. Asshole -Son probably even got fixed his shit on wheels to prevent being fined.
First Week-End in ages for me without being terrorized. It was unbelievable.

Today, my mom went down to town with the bus and heard that a mortal car accident happened near our village this week-end, involving two young hoons. They were playing racers on some forest-road and ended up against a tree or something.
Ok, I know I may sound like a monster now, but I will not lie and say things like "I didn't like them, but I am sorry anyway." I am not sorry. They died by their own bad medicine and probably belonged to the gang that made my life hell for so many times.
Interesting thing is, that during  past week, 3 other mortal accidents, involving (drunk)  hoons occured in our area. That's the highest rate since ages. To me, it just looks like the Karma has gotten worse for some people. Payback-Time or something.
I don't do in Schadenfreude. I am just humbly relieved as there may be a chance that things finally go into a direction that will bring me back peace, sanity and health.

I hope so much that the relief will last.

Our Magnolia has started to bloom:

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Weidenfrau a dit…

Ich glaube ich mag euren Bürgermeister.. ich hoffe wirklich das du endlich Ruhe findest um zu Kräften zu kommen!

Alles Liebe


Sefarina a dit…

Schön dass du ein friedliches Wochenende hattest, da bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass das anhält. Die Magnolie ist wunderschön :-)

Feronia a dit…

So glad you are getting some relief from the hoons, Diana. It's great that your mayor was prepared to do that and got a result. Beautiful magnolia! Our poor tree got beaten up by the hail storm and hasn't really recovered.

Anonyme a dit…

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Weidenfrau. Zu KRâften zu kommen wäre bitter nötig. Aber da bislang die Ruhe anhält, geht es mir schon viel beser!
Ja, der Bürgermeister ist sehr nett, manche sagen, zu nett und daher bezeweifelten sie erst, dass er überhaupt aktiv werden würde.

@Sefarina: Wie Du auch bezüglich eines anderen Themas schriebst: Ich traue dem Frieden noch nicht so recht. Zu tief sitzt auch die Angst. Aber im Moment ist es gut.

@Feronia: Hail Storms can cause real huge damage. So sorry for your tree :-(

President Snow a dit…

Never heard of the term "hoon". Then again, it's not an American slang term :P But it sounds appropriate. People like that easily get on the nerves. We have too many around here. I feel your pain.

I'm glad the mayor took action. Also glad to hear the police will look into it.

I don't blame you for not feeling bad for the hoons. I too believe that what goes around comes around. It always seems to be the natural way that if you are inconsiderate to others, it's going to come back to haunt you.

It would be so nice for you to get back into better health. :) I would love that.

Beautiful magnolia pictures!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President snow: I never heard the term, before Feronia suggested it, too. Its australian, but I think it i a good term!
Sorry to hear, hat you also have hoons in your area.

Thanks for caring!