lundi, avril 12, 2010

With the bicycle to Moscow

I went in Moscow yesterday, with my Bicycle.
I am not kidding, here is the proof:

Moscou (Moscow) is a little french village that was on the way to Attigny, another Village that was the destination of my trip.

After a long and a bit painful journey back from Basel on Saturday, I had no much time to rest:
A "Rabbit Fair" on Sunday in Attigny was announced on a flyer, which was of great interest for me, since  I was looking for Rabbits for the season. But without a car, the question on  how to get there arose. I wondered whether it can be reached with the bicycle or not. It seemed to be not completely impossible, Attigny is about 22 Kilometers from my home. An experienced cyclist would do it without any problem.

But, in the other hand, that's 22 km trough the mountains, up and down and to be honest, I never went this far with my Bike yet.  Therefore I really was not sure if I would be able to do this, let alone with my heart problems.

But I decided to try it. I packed up food and said to my mom to be prepared to see me gone for the whole day.
The weather was sunny, but with a cold wind. It took me an hour to reach Gruey les Surances, altough it isn't that far. Reason was that I had to do most of the way by walking, since the ups and downs are too steeply for me  to cycle. I even don't do downhill cycling. I have fears since I had a an accident years ago. Therefore, I hike slowly next to the bike, where other people might enjoy to roll down with speed.

Passing Gruey, I went on the high Plateau were Moscow is. There, I advanced more quicly, since the roads were mostly flat. I passed huge sheep farms that are there:

Then I crossed a real long road trough a forest and wasn't even sure I was on the right way, since the road was in bad shape.

But after two hours, I reached the next village and knew I was on the right way.
I decided to make a break on a resting site, have some food and water.

I then arrived at the village of Droiteval and already felt pretty exhaust. That scared me, since I knew that I would have the whole way back to do.

At Droiteval, I asked for the way and a woman sent me on the road to the left. It was a terrible climbing. I more and more  felt insecure, if that was the right way. I looked on the map again and saw, that I was on the opposite direction, on the way to Claudon. So I went back to Droiteval and took he right turn. It lead me to a  forest lane which was in a very bad shape, but seemed to do the way the map indicated . So if it was the right way, it should lead me directly to Attigny. After 45 minutes, the forest ended and the wind brought me the noise of fair-Music.  I was right, indeed!
I arrived at the village and could see the fair from far. I made it!

Several Rabbits were on sale. I bought 3. I tied the Boxes we stuffed them in on the bicycle and I started for the way back home. I felt terribly tired and the idea to do all THIS way back seemed almost unbearable. On the way, the boxes became more and more instable.  I tried to fix them better, but they fell down, liberating one of the hares. It was so stunned and surprised that I could catch it again. After 5 hours, I finally reached the last high plateau before my village. Cold blasts of wind made it hard to go on and rain clouds came up, too:

Then, I finally arrived at home. We put the rabbits in the stable and gave them food. Apparantly the hard journey didn't damage their appetite, they immediatly started to eat. Poor things! This trip wasn't easy for them neither, stuffed in this box.

I never felt THIS exhausted at a day's end. every single bone was in pain. I calculated the amount of calories burnt during this 9 hour-Trip in my diet-Program and it yielded 4000 calories spent !!
I ate 1600 (which is very much for me) this still makes a deficit of 2400. Wow! I could have swallowed a Pizza and still loose weight.
The Trip sure tested out my personal limits. But it did me much good (even tough I still have an unbelievable Bodyache ;-) )
The idea to cycle down to Town seems so much easy now, since it is not even half the way I did.

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Feronia a dit…

What a journey! Good on you - I wouldn't have had the guts to attempt it. The rabbits are *beautiful*. BTW, why were some of the buildings derelict in one of the photos? Just old buildings?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia, Yes, it took all my courage to go, I always had the fear that I would not have the strength to make it back home.
These house in ruins are not uncommon in our area, a lot of houses are abandoned and fall apart.

caroona a dit…

What an adventure, my goodness! That is what I dislike about the mountains, cycling downhill is fun unless the gradient is too steep (I once went down a road at 60 km/h and was very very scared afterwards, but while I was at it, braking was not really an option after a certain point) but going uphill is hell. The worst bit about traveling I can imagine. And if you have to go uphil for a long distince, it is hell times infinity.

So hats off to you. Sometimes it is better not knowing waht awaits you. I have made some journeys like that as well and if you are on the other end you know you have to go home, no matter what and it is very good for buildung character and all that. But still the exhaustion factor is scary and I am not sure if I would have gone to that fair by bike at all.

Makes me feel very slouchy because it is 10 km to my school and I swore to go there by bike at least once a week and I only managed twice in 1,5 years... But then where it is really flat it is also always windy and most of the times the wind is blowing into your face, so you can only go at pedestrian velocity.

I hope you and the rabbits (Well done on catching the escaped one, btw) have properly recovered by now.

Mauser*Girl a dit…

Tat looks like a very beautiful ride, even if it was really long and very tiring.

Those rabbits are adorable, too. Did you get them for food or pets?

Sefarina a dit…

Was für niedliche Häschen!

So eine lange Strecke durch Berg und Tal ist kein Zuckerschlecken, da hast du dir und deinem Herz wirklich etwas zugemutet.
Andererseits scheinst du noch eine Bombenkondition zu haben, wenn du das schaffst.

Meine Hochachtung für so viel Mut und Abenteuerlust.

President Snow a dit…

Wow! What a trip! If I lived near you I'd force you to let me go with you, just in case you didn't have the strength (I get concerned when people aren't feeling the best).

Such cute rabbits! And lovely scenery! I would have loved to take that little trip!

OckGal a dit…

I miss riding my bike. I used to LOVE it. I tried a few years ago to get back into it and failed terribly. Bad drivers around here and no place to really ride off the busy streets. But if I lived around where you cycled, I don't think I'd mind giving it another try! So pretty!

Aw, rabbits are awesome. I had one when I was younger. Bunny years are the best when they're little bundles of fur. Seems like yours would have been motion-sick from all that riding in the boxes, but they must be tough little critters.

Glad you had a safe trip! Take a hot bath and soak your muscles back to health!

Weidenfrau a dit…

Boha..du hast Mut..das hätte ich mir bestimmt nie zugetraut.
Wundervolle Landschaft in der du lebst.

Alles Liebe

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Caroona: rolling down at 60 km/h would be a perfect nightmare for me! If you'd have hit the breaks, you probably had performed a Salto Mortale.
Uphill is nasty, but at least, it does the job for exercising.
You must live in flat lands, where Biking is more easy, but of course, the wind can ruin that.
@Mauser*Girl: I took them for breeding to have the young for food. But as always, some of them will end up as pets.

@Sefarina, Fürs Herz wars natürlich schon twas riskant, mein Arzt hat immer Angst, dass ich beim radeln mal einen Herzkaspar mache, anderereits baut eben gerade der Sport auch Stress ab und ist somit heilsam. Solche Gewaltstouren müssen aber nicht immer sein. Diese hier überstieg meine eigentliche Kondition definitiv.

@President Snow. It would have been so lovely to be accompanied by you.

@OckGal: I know a lot of drivers simply do not care about cyclist and create a permanent danger >:-(
Sad to hear that your actual living situation keeps you from biking.

@Weidenfrau: Ja, die Landschaft ist toll, von daher war der Trip natürlich auch sehr reizvoll.

@All: Thanks a lot for all your comments!

Gina a dit…

Thank you for sharing the experience and photographs of your arduous journey—I’m glad you made it despite the length and hardship. I felt like I was bird along for the ride. The countryside is so beautiful and I found myself longing to live in such a beautiful place, without so many people! Recently, I’ve researched the area in Germany where I lived from 2 months-3 years old (Baumholder; my Dad was an Army nurse there) and last night I dreamed I was in Germany! Glad also the bunnies made it OK. What are your plans for them?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Gina The rabbits will be for breeding.

Oh, you passed your early childhood in Germany? Do you have any memories?