mardi, mai 04, 2010

Bullets from the sky.

Yesterday I was thinking that all is going so well in the garden that I could dare to plant some of the pumpkin plants outside. Of course, I would keep the others until the risk of frost has passed. Mrs. Whitebeard, our Neighbor, had the same thought and so we went in the gardens yesterday morning to bring in a little choice out from our big houseyard-farms into earth.  As soon as we went home - a big and violent hailstorm arrived!

What a mess! 
See those white bullets within the roses! I was pretty shocked. The outside Pumpkin plants have some holes in their leaves, but I think that they will made it anyway. At least, I hope. Now a really cold wind blows, there's not the slightest idea of spring anymore and I admit, that I am pretty pissed of. All the berry plants and bushes bloom and I am afraid that they will not evolve further with that nasty weather. After all the care and work I putted into them, Its appalling to see how the cold throw the efforts back. Where's global warming when you need it?
We will see.

I didn't  had a special dream with JFK the Beltane night, - I had it yesterday night! So my hopes *did* came true,  - - just with a little delay. Still, very delighted and happy about it! So much inspiration, and emotional fulfillment.

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Feronia a dit…

It is an incredibly complex issue not least of all because it often gets hi-jacked by the extreme right. I have to agree though that, to me, it does symbolise the oppression of women and I have a real problem with that.

Hail is so damaging, isn't it! Our plants are still recovering from a hail storm we had in early March.

Glad you had a good dream! :)

WirrLicht a dit…

oh shit - hail in this time of year, isnt that quite uncommon ?

Sefarina a dit…

Das dürfte dann wohl eine Auswirkung der "gestrengen Herren" gewesen sein. Eigentlich bedeutet das ja Nachtfrost zwischen dem 11. und 15. Mai, aber auch Hagel oder nochmal Schnee soll es davor schon gegeben haben.
Zum Glück sind Kürbisse ja echt robust.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia: The said Hijacking of the subject is a big problem. It helps people to shut down every criticism on Islam by saying "you are just racist". (Tough I didn't know Islam is a race...)

@Wirr-Licht: Yes, it was unexpected and uncommon. But probably still better than hail in July, when it can cause a lot more damage.

@Sefarina: Diese Herren sind aber dieses Jahr früh dran. Hoffentlich wird es besser, wenn sie sich ausgetobt haben.

Sefarina a dit…

Nun, ich bin selbst erstaunt, aber es würde den Kälteeinbruch erklären und dank Umweltverschmutzung sind die Jahreszeiten sowieso etwas komplexer geworden *g*