samedi, mai 29, 2010

Dead end road

Today was supposed to be such a fine day. JFK's birthday - with all what is attached to it, flowers, a good chowder meal, candles, decent music, sunshine and so on.

Well, it was just hell. The hooners passed the whole day on, with several "invited", additional ones, forming a real gang of more than 6 motorcyclers. 2 hours later I had a total breakdown. It has gotten worse these past days and therefore, I wrote a very friendly letter to the asshole neighbors, pleading them to understand how I suffer from their "hobby" - and this was the response. Fuck!

There is no solution to this. I really tried everything. My mom will go to the mayor on Monday, telling him what happened. She can do so, but I am without any illusion. Any action taken only has en effect for a few weeks  maximum. Then all starts over again, even worse. I live in constant fear, tension and stress. The Weekend are like dark holes of terror for me. But then - it even goes on during the week, since the main hooner obviously lost his job and now has time to do it all day.

So I took a decision. I will sell this house and buy another one, one that is NOT at the board of a road, but isolated and lost somewhere in a remote place. I do not care if it will have absolutely no comfort. If we have to shit in buckets again and theres no kitchen sink or anything, I just want PEACE. Because this situation kills me. I want to live again, without this problem being the first and the last thing in my mind every day.

Until then, I will go and live in the apartment in Basel. It breaks my heart to abandon my garden only to lock myself in a tiny apartment during summer, but it's this or I will break deep inside.
First thing that has to be realized before all, is the inheritance. I need a car (or we can't visit potential new houses) and I need some bucks to install a computer in Basel, in order to get on with my work.

As for the Project of my Room, it will die, of course.
I will pay out the worker for the window and then - the new owner shall finish that room. Here also, it is hard to give up a project that meant so much to me, but it has no future. The best room isn't of any use, if I have to suffer from this terror.

The biggest issue of course, will be to find a buyer for this house.
There are a lot of houses for sale here (two in our street) and there's no buyer in sight. And these houses are a lot bigger and more comfortable than mine. But well, maybe, they are too nice. People who can afford such decent villas probably don't want to live in a flat like this with not the slightest shop or even a normal post office. In the other hand, people who can just barely afford a house will be fine with mine, since it will be cheap but you can live in it without being obligated to make real big repairs,  like a new roof or something.
I dunno. First thing I will do is ask our wall-to-wall neighbor if maybe he's interested. He's a regular Socio-phobic and always was grateful about the fact that we were decent and discrete, non-invasive neighbors. He may buy our house just to prevent the risk of having some bothersome jerk moving in.

Next issue is then, to find another house for the few bucks we'll  get for ours. I am currently investigating where are the cheapest house-prices in France. My mom hopes to move more into the south as she finds herself a bit suffering from the long, icy vosgian Winters. It's okay for me. Tough it worries me a bit to leave central european forests with the typical autumns, well, as I said, if I have to shit in the sand and wipe my ass with some cactus, its still better than to endure this terror.

Again, its really hard to abandon all what we built here within 11 years. The big magnolia, the berry-grove. I lived here longer than on any other place during my life. Just to restart from total zero in a house that probably will be not more than a pile of stones. But at least, it is some goal I can achieve, by fighting and working. The current situation here is out my control. This makes it so hopeless. There's nothing I can do but suffer and hope that maybe some meteorite falls down on the asshole-neighbor house or these people getting killed all at once in a car-accident.
But even if such thing would happen, their successor can be same or worse. The real problem here is the house being so close to the street. A street that wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't misused by assholes.

So after all, maybe this JFK's day was a good one in the way that it made me make this decision.

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Sefarina a dit…

Oh wow, ich weiß gar nicht was ich sagen soll.
Es tut mir leid, dass du wegen deiner Nachbarn dein Zuhause verlassen musst. Und irgendwie freue ich mich auch für dich, denn es kann nur besser werden.
Dauerlärm ist Gift für den Körper, also ist es gut, wenn du endlich Ruhe haben wirst.

Hast du in Erwägung gezogen einfach nur eine Wohnung zu kaufen? Viel mehr "bewohnbaren" Platz hattet ihr bisher ja auch nicht und es wäre wahrscheinlich günstiger und in besserem Zustand...

caroona a dit…

I am so sorry to hear that eventually your neighbours have succeeded in terrorizing you out of your house. I can only just imagine what it takes to make someone give up a place that they have invested so many years and so much money and energy in.

This makes me really angry and I wish these idiots all the worst. What on earth do they get from driving up and down the street and making noise? Especially since they know how much they make you suffer? They must be really horrible people inside.

I wish you good luck in finding both a generous buyer for your house and a lovely peaceful new place somewhere warmer for your mum.

And also: Happy birthday, Mr. President, happy birthday to youuuu! (My god, how sexy was she, singing that?) All the best to you, JFK!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina: Wohnung kommt nicht in Frage, ich brauche die Natur, einen Garten um mich und das Gefühl, beim Verlassen der Haustür, eigenen Boden zu betreten und nicht einen Hausflur. Wir haben ja eine (Miet)Wohnung in Basel, da werde ich vorübergehend auch hinziehen, aber als Dauerlösung geht das nicht.

@Caroona: Driving around in the street as noisy as possible is obviously the only joy these people have in life, and the more they get aware on how much I suffer from it, the more they do it.
And thanks for singing for JFK! :-)


Dryade a dit…

Ohje :-(
Bin ganz sprachlos ... aber in Gedanken bei dir!!!
Manschmal ist ein Ende mit Schrecken wirklich besser als Schrecken ohne Ende ... ja, die liebe Sefarina hat vermutlich recht: Es kann ja nur besser werden!!!
Fühl dich gedrückt und umarmt und ganz viel Kraft für die nächsten Monate!!!
liebe Grüße von der Dryade, die im Moment sehr gut verstehen kann, wie schwer abschied nehmen ist...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Dryade: ja, es kann nur noch besser werden. Es ist so oder so, in einem verschlossenen raum die einzige Tür nach draussen, ich muss sie nehmen, egal wohin sie führt.

Bodecea a dit…

Liebe Diana,

Oh je, das tut mir Leid, dass dich die Terrornachbarn soo weit gebracht haben. Gibt es keine letzte Chance, denen das Handwerk zu legen?! Sicher fahren die doch auch mal besoffen (->Polizei?). Oder haben frisierte Fahrzeuge? Oder stellen sonst was an?

Hast du es denn schon mal mit dem ganz altmodischen Fluchrepertoire probiert?

Aber ich kann dich verstehen - wir hatten in der letzten Mietwohnung auch immer wieder Terrornachbarn über uns (z.B. 20jährige Jungs, die nachts um 3-5 völlig drauf von der Technodisse heimkamen, durch die Gegend fielen und dann noch mal Mucke aufgelegt haben), das war nervtötend.


Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Bodecea: Polizei, Bussgeld, Strafen - ist alles schon durch. Das Schlimme ist doch, dass dieses Pack an solchen Sachen "wächst". Dh, einmal die Erfahrung macht, dass auch die Polizei einem nicht gleich erschiesst und Bussgeld kann man schlisslich irgendwie aufbringen, wenn's sein muss - und schon wird man abgebrühter, dreister und traut sich mehr. Zusammenscheissen hat meine Mutter oft gemacht, wirkt, wenn der Nachbarsohn alleine herumgurkt, aber wenn seine ganzen Kumpels da sind, fühlen sich alle stark und überlegen, da muss man dann aufpassen, dass die einem nicht einfach über den Haufen fahren.

Discotypen sind mit Sicherheit genauso eklig. Waruim sind es eigentlich immer erstlinig junge Männer in dem Alter, die sich so penetrant rücksichtslos benehmen ?

Feronia a dit…

I am so sorry to hear that the situation with your neighbours has deteriorated to this extent, Diana. That's really terrible. Good on you for showing so much strength in making this hard decision. You are really standing up to them and saying "No! I won't just stay here and be a victim to your crap!" I wish you every good thing in selling your house and finding a new one.

Weidenfrau a dit…

das macht mich grade richtig wütend... wünsche dir alles Gute und viel Kraft!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Weidenfrau: Vielen lieben dank!