jeudi, mai 27, 2010

First Step of new window

Early this morning, he worker came and installed the scaffholding. He didn't start the window-construction today, but said it would be next wednesday. Meanwhile, he took out some of the old furniture and mounted the scaffholding. It is a cool sight:

After the curious visual trouble I had yesterday, I felt exhaust and tired all day. My mom had called the doctor and he said that he will write a prescription for me to go to the hospital, see what happens. I didn't go yet, for hospitals piss me off. But if the symptom comes back, I'll have to. Some of you suggested it may be migraine. Well, I didn't have any headache.
I think it is die to the fact that I am in need for new reading and working glasses. I had a sharp sight all my life and was pretty appalled, when, 2 years ago, my eyes went so bad I couldn't draw and therefore had to go for a pair of reading glasses. Since a couple of months now, my sight has gone  worse again and even with my glasses on, I can barely work, because what I see constantly blurs away. Yesterday, I spent hours in drawing and then went on the computer and there the phenomenon happened. My eyes probably were over-worked. In addition to that, I have new nervous problems, due to the new Hoon activity.

I have a date at the eye-doctor June 7, so I will at least wait for my new glasses until I undertake new steps regarding this visual problem. It may be solved anyway.

4 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

Take care of yourself, Diana. I think perhaps you should consider going to the hospital. I hate the damn places too but nothing is really as important as your health :)

Weidenfrau a dit…

Pass gut auf dich auf!
Reiki gefällig?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Weidenfrau: Oh ja, bitte! Das könnte ich jetzt sehr gut gebrauchen! herzlichen Dank!

@Feronia: If the symptom returns, I'll have no choice, indeed.

Bodecea a dit…

Mh, diese Sehstörungs-Migräne kann auch ohne oder nur wenig Kopfweh ablaufen. Danach war ich manchmal auch stundenlang KO und matschig im Kopf. Aber lass dich mal untersuchen, ich denke, das macht Sinn.

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