mercredi, mai 12, 2010

Horrible Lamps

Our Worker will (hopefully) come during May and make that long awaited window in my future room. I can't wait for it. Meanwhile, I am - on paper and in my mind -  starting to plan the furniture. Part of it is of course the lightening.

Browsing trough the different Shops that sell lamps, online and in RL, I became aware of the fact that there is apparently no limit on how utterly ugly a lamp can be.

Who, for the sake of the Gods, would buy this one:

I really don't want to insult anyone, we all have our tastes. If it happens that this would be the lamp of your dreams, I would gladly like to learn WHY.  I'd still never consider buying it, but learning about  your reasons will help me to improve my tolerance.

Or this one:

I can't imagine this thing in any other room than in a Chilean Torture Chamber.
This one:

Seems to be designed for paranoids who want a head-device preventing aliens being able to read their thoughts.
If you do not have a nervous depression now, you will get it when buying this one:

Okay, now after ranting so much on what other people may cherish as tasteful and nice, I will show you the lamp of my choice, the one I consider to buy. Feel free to hate it as well ;-)ères-Gouttes-d'eau-translucide-PRDm549038.html?navAction=jump&skuId=Casto549038

4 commentaires:

Mauser*Girl a dit…

I really like the lamp you chose - how cool is that?

I have to admit I also like some of the others, but it would really depend on the type of room they are in. I could see them in something very modern, maybe something with a Japanese / Asian flair to it, but I wouldn't be able to picture them, for example, in my house where I have wooden walls (log home style) because they just wouldn't fit in.

I don't think I've ever lived anywhere in Europe where we had lamps already in the rooms when we moved in, but most places here in the US, the lamps come with the house - usually a ceiling fan with lights in it or otherwise inexpensive lamps. They're not usually nice and don't often go with the design of the room, but I guess it beats having to buy new lamps every time you move. :)

The only lamps I've ever been really bothered by were the boob lamps in my Virginia kitchen -> Not so much because of the lamps themselves, but because of the combination of their design and their placement.

Feronia a dit…

It's hard to find a nice lamp. I do like your choice - very 60s. I can imagine it in "Mad Men". We have fairly old lamps and lights here because we are in my grandparents' old house and so all the light fittings are original from the 50s which is pretty fine with me! There is quite a big range at Ikea, though - I think. Other than the steel mushroom style!

2woelfe a dit…

Omg - I HATE the lamp you chose! :D I really do. But I totally agree - it's nearly impossible to find al lamp that fits both one's taste and the room, no matter where you look. It's probably much easier to find one, if you know exactly what you want and then go for it.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Mauser*Girl, Indeed, European Appartments and houses are usually lampless when you rent them. (At least the swiss, German and French ones).
Oh, those Boob-Lamps really look...well, were they even closer together, hey would be really naughty ! ;-)

@Feronia: Its funny, back in time I found 50tes Lamps totally uncool, now I think they're stylish. Tastes change, but I also think that the passing time plays a role.

@2Woelfe: Fitting everything, the room, ones taste, the taste of others - is impossible. So our choices will ever be just pure subjective ones.

And ha - that's 2 people who like my lamp against one who hate it ;-)) Good score!