lundi, mai 10, 2010

A letter from my Aunt

You may remember my unexpected Inheritance thing.
I wrote that personal letter to my Grandmother and did not get any response. I thought that she still don't want to be bothered by my existence. Its okay, then she shall just pay me out my share of the inheritance.

Today, I got a letter from my Fathers sister, well, my Aunt. I was quite surprised. Because I also never met her in my whole life.

She wrote me that grandmother was pleased to read my letter but could not write back, for her fingers are stiff from Rheumatics. So she took the job. She also wrote that the whole family, my Grandma, my uncle and herself would like to meet me, when I am in Basel next time. She also joined two photographs of her.

It is difficult to describe the feelings I had, reading this letter. I mean, this is my aunt whom I see for the very first time on a photograph and whose eyes look like mine.  She wrote that she didn't even know she had a niece. So all these years, My grand parents didn't tell her that  her elder brother had a daughter? Oh my...
My aunt was just about 10, when my mom and my father got married. She recalls my mom, tough. She wrote that she "still remembers the dark haired, beautiful woman" my mom was at that time.

So now, I will very probably meet my paternal family, next time I am in Basel (June). There is a mix of joy and fear. Joy, because My aunts letter was nice, her photos show a nice woman and I like the thought of having a decent relative. Fear, because I know absolutely nothing about these people.
Also what will they expect on how I am and how I look? My father was very handsome and my mom an almost famed beauty back then (she posed for art photographers) and well, all what these two beautiful people got as offspring, was me.
There are a lot of thoughts and emotions swirling inside me. Maybe I shouldn't have written that letter. Let the whole thing sleep. In the other hand, it is so exciting to somehow go back 44 years in time, back to the crossroad where we lost our paths.

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Dryade a dit…

Oh, ich freu mich für dich, dass du Antwort bekommen hast.
Ich denke, es ist eine große Chance, oder? Du kannst sie treffen und kennenlernen.
Vielleicht bereichern sie dein Leben, oder wenn nicht, dann lässt du nach dem ersten Treffen den Kontakt wieder einschlafen. In sofern kannst du doch nur gewinnen ;-).
Auf jeden Fall finde ich es toll das du nun doch noch Antwort bekommen hast!!
liebe Grüße von der Dryade

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Dryade: Danke. Ich habe natürlich schon ein recht mulmiges Gefühl, aber wie Du sagst, ich kann letzten Ende nur gewinnen und sei's nur, weil ich wohl endlich erfahren werde, wie mein vater gestorben ist.

Feronia a dit…

That's wonderful, Diana. I do hope it goes well when you meet them but, if your aunt's response is anything to go by, it could well be a positive experience.

Diana Kennedy a dit…


Yes, her response gave me a good impression, therefore it may be a good meet.

Sefarina a dit…

Da verliert man ein Familienmitglied und findet dafür ein Neues. Ich denke das ist ein gutes Zeichen ;-)
Bin schon gespannt wie es dann nach dem ersten Treffen ist.

Lieben Gruß,

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina, ja, dieses Jahr scheint um Zeichen der grossen, familiären Veränderungen zu stehen.