vendredi, mai 07, 2010

My illegal Jeans

I have several pair of Jeans. When I was much overweighted, I didn't wear them, because it looked gross and I found none in my size anyway. Now, thin again, I love to wear them again.
But guess what? They're illegal. By wearing them, I violate a French law that says: "Women aren't allowed to wear pants, with the exception when riding a bicycle or a horse".  The law is from 1909 - but still in effect, today! Just nobody cares about it, anymore. Now, French parliament suggest to abolish this law. Good, my jeans will become legal stuff.


7 commentaires:

Bodecea a dit…

Du Suffragette!

Weidenfrau a dit…

ah ja...dann habe ich also vor ca 15 Jahren im Urlaub auch gegen das Gesetz verstoßen...gut zu wissen.*g*

Sefarina a dit…

Das erinnert mich an das englische Anti-Hexerei-Gesetz dem 1944 Helen Duncan zum Opfer fiel. Wenn nötig ist so ein veraltetes Gesetz schnell wieder aufpoliert, also nichts wie weg damit! ;-)

Feronia a dit…

Rebel, rebel Diana! How bizarre that is...there was a belief, I think, that women in trousers was the work of the devil. Certainly my grandma never *ever* wore trousers and she lived to be 100!

President Snow a dit…

That would be nice if they got rid of it. Seems like a silly law. I know it wasn't back then, but now... Jeans are just so comfy! And both men and women look good in them!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Bodeccea, Ja bin halt unrettbare Emanze! ;-)

@Weidenfrau. Ja denn Unwissenheit schützt vor Strafe nicht :-)

@Sefarina. Genau :-/ Und heute, wo Frauenrechte so langsam wieder abgebaut werden, könnte so ein Gesetz längerfristig tatsächlich gefährlich werden. Ist in der Tat besser, es zu eliminieren.

@Feronia. Women in trousers were seen as "unfeminine" and I believe it was Coco Channel who said "Woman cannot wear trousers, their behind is too large". My Gandma never wore pants neither, but she gave me my first trousers when I was a child. It was absoluteley new to me, for I grew up in a time when even little girl had to wear coats, even in winter.
@President Snow: In France, there was also a law in some provinces that was in effect until the 1930 and that prohibited men to go out with bare chest.

caroona a dit…

Ahaha, and I have been asking myself why I can never find any trousers that fit. Apparently there really _is_ a conspiracy at work to make trousers too small for most women's behinds :o)