mercredi, mai 05, 2010

Picking up an old project.

*Sigh* I am out of tracing paper. This means that I can't go on with the films. My mom is in Basel and will buy new one, but she won't be home before Friday.  So what to do until then?
Well, I decided that it is definitely the occasion to finally finish a project I started 3 years ago. (3 years! I could'nt believe it myself, when I saw it!) It is the Comic Script Donna Barr wrote for me, "HARD TO BEAR", involving her characters as well as mine. A cross-over if you want. I did the first 5 pages and then was so much  overwhelmed by the Film Projects that this one went on hiatus. The fact that I decided to stop drawing comics at all, was also a point.

But now, I am decided to finish this Story. It is worth being achieved. I put the Films on hiatus for one or two weeks and just draw that script. It will be my very last Story in Comic Form.

Then I will probably publish it on Graphic Smash. A week ago, I realized that I haven't been logged on GS for an eternity, too. So I did. I was surprised to see that my logging data still works. A lot of comments were waiting to be approved, many of them being thoughtful and real flattering words. I hate myself for not having published and responded to them sooner. To be honest, I just didn't believe that anybody would look at these comics at last. I got very few feedback all this time, so that I sort of gave up my efforts.
Well, I will try to restart my GS-Presence. Until I can start the "Hard to bear" story, I will post some Antique White House Artwork.
If you are interested, check this site, every Tuesday.

2 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Kein Kommentar dazu?
Nun, ich persönlich liebe Comics, schon wegen der vielen grafischen Feinheiten, die möglich sind; das Layout, die Auswahl der Schrift, Leserichtung, gleichzeitige Handlungsstränge ect.
Leider wird das Potential selten voll ausgesschöpft...

Ausserdem kann ich mich ungleich länger mit einem gut gezeichneten Comic beschäftigen ;-)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

danke für den Kommentar Sefarina. naja, Leser, die die grafische Arbeit eines Comics wirklich zu scHâtzen wissen, sind selten. Von daher weiss ich schon, warum ich dem Medium den Rücken gekehrt habe.