dimanche, mai 09, 2010

Project18 - Test of courage

No, I don't cooperate. Sorry, Diana. 

She had some weird ideas for me to pass this "test of courage" - premise of this weeks Project 52:

*Browse an hour trough violet-haired-Manga-Anime-Girls, sexy-furry Characters and cute-Nazis Galleries on DeviantArt.
* Watch "Germanys Next Top-Model" all while looking Heidi Klum deep in the eyes.
* Walk in the streets of a Banlieue near Paris, disguised as woman (and showing my hair).
* Tell a Pit-Bull Lover that I don't like his animal. (The dog probably won't harm me, but the owner certainly will)
* Attend a KKK-Meeting, wearing a pro-Obama Shirt.
* Perform a blood-brother Ritual with a gay heroine-addict.
* Try to smuggle a hidden  alarm-clock trough israeli Border.
* Start to grope my shoes all while on board of a transatlantic flight.

That's all bullshit. I was on PT109, I met Eleanor Roosevelt and I was in Dallas. When it comes to courage, I have nothing to prove! Okay?!!

2 commentaires:

caroona a dit…

That is what I call fitting posture. I have a similar problem with Ganesha, come on, what is a God going to be scared of? I will probably have to make the test of courage about me and my own fears.

And just the same, JFK does not have to prove himself to anyone.

He is so cute, isn't he? Don't tell him I said that though ;o)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Caroona: I am pretty impatient to see how Ganesha and you will solve the problem!