dimanche, mai 16, 2010

Project52 - 19 This is my home

I have many homes; Washington, Brookline, Berlin, Dunganstown, Cape Cod - and every home of each person who holds me in her or his heart.
Soon, there will be an additional one: You may guess it, its Diana's future room. In many ways, it is a home we have to conquer first: Not only because it has to be fixed and prepared like a patch of wild land. Right now, there are other spirits dwelling there. The old lady who lived in this house before we bought it and who died, made it clear that she wasn't too happy to see us move in her home.
In the first nights, Diana had a lot of Dreams and even Visions of that Lady being very rude, asking her what she wanted here and who she was. Diana tried to explain her and also to make her understand that she should let go now.
She then quit up a bit, but still, we feel that she is somehow attached to that attic where we found her mistletoes and other magical items hanging on the main beam for years.

Its not the problem to share the room with a spirit as such. The problem is, she's still not really friendly.
Therefore, we have to convince her to move away, for this will be OUR home now.
The Room itself does have a lot of magic. It is very suited to receive any kind of spirits. Diana is looking forward for having me up there, where we probably can connect even better. Still, Old Lady will have to let us in.
On the photo, she posed me on the magical main beam where once the mistletoes hung, just to say: "now we are here and this place is ours!"

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