dimanche, mai 02, 2010

Random thoughts

Beltane was beautiful and peaceful. Unfortunately we had rain all day, so the plan to light a fire outside and having our holiday dinner grilled, wasn't realized. But passing Beltane inside was good, too.
Speaking of peaceful Beltane, I am always saddened by the fact that for a lot of people First of may isn't apparently nothing other than a day to rampage in the street.

The day before, Our worker came and said that he will go on making the Window for my future room during May. This is a good promise and I am looking so much forward for it.

The garden is a delight right now. The rain didn't came too late. Earth was very dry. Now everything blooms and grows. The pumpkins I raise wait to be planted in the garden. You can almost feel their impatience, they are huge and almost explode out of their pots. Problem is, you never know if there will be frost during may. So I will wait at least until May 15.

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Dryade a dit…

Schade das bei euch das Wetter nicht so gut war. Ich hoffe deine Hoffnungen für Beltane haben sich trotzdem erfüllt!!
Liebe Grüße von der Dryade

Sefarina a dit…

Nun, da hattest du mehr Luftfeuchtigkeit als wir. Eine gute Entscheidung gleich drinnenzubleiben ;-)
Welche Kürbisse ziehst du denn?

President Snow a dit…

Good to say the day was good, despite the rain. I love rain, but it isn't always good when it stops you from being outside all day.

That is so nice to hear your harden is doing well. :)

I'm sorry I haven't seemed to comment much lately. Been busy lately and almost off in another world in mind. Haven't forgotten about you though!

Feronia a dit…

We have finally had some rain too and my roses are very glad of it! We are having frost too at present - the grass was almost white this morning.

WirrLicht a dit…

der google translator sagt:

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mit grüßen und löschwunsch :


Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Wiorrlicht, ja ich weiss, dieser lästige Asia-Spam wird hier regelmässig gepostet und ich muss dann löschen. Ich werde wohl um diese unangenehme Wortbzstâtigung niht herumkommen.

@Dryade: Der Wusch hat sich diese Nacht, also in der Nacht auf den Vierten erfüllt! Das ist auch gut!

@Sefarina: Ich ziehe riesige Big Max Kampfkürbisse, aber auch die kleinen Potimarrons.

@President Snow: Don't apologize. There is no obligation to comment. I enjoy it, of course and would also enjoy to see your Blog updated! ;-) (But take your time)

@Feronia: First frost days? They have always something so mysterious.

Sefarina a dit…

Wow, Kampfkürbisse?Ich liebe Kürbisse, groß und klein, ganz egal. Ich freu mich schon auf Bilder, spätestens im Herbst ;-)