lundi, juin 28, 2010

I'm off!

...For Basel for a week! I may check your blogs at the internet-café, but cannot promise it. Have a good time, meanwhile, enjoy the warm weather!

vendredi, juin 25, 2010

I want a Button!

Dear Sefarina is holding a lottery in her blog! You can win her elf-made buttons. I really hope that I'll be lucky this time - having a pentacle or a triple moon as button would be great.

New Life

Yesterday, Sylvia, one of the rabbits I bought at the great Cycling Tour to Attigny gave birth to 8 young. It was a bit of a surprise, since we did think that both females were too young to bear. They spent some time together with the male, Porthos, and he knew it better and didn't wait to do his job.

The other female, Zora, gave birth a week ago, but the young died shortly after.
Now we are hoping that Sylvias kindergarten will grow up well.

The photos don't show much yet. The young are burried in a nest of straw and hair from their mother.

Today, I also finished the hard to Bear comic! yay, now I can go back working on the film! Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun doing this story.

mercredi, juin 23, 2010

Fox and Strawberries

I went to Bains-les-Bains with my Bicycle this morning, and ahead of the road, saw a young Fox Cub playing with a mouse. The fox didn't see me coming in the first, so I was able to take this photo. Afterwards, it disappeared quickly in the field. Today was one of the rare sunny days, this year. Not really warm, but warmer than what we had. So I quite enjoyed this ride.
I am very used to go to Bains with the bicycle, by now. It doesn't take any special effort anymore. I wouldn't have believed that if you told me this a year ago.

The garden is growing as well. Finally, the strawberries get red and we can harvest them. Had a great bowl of Fromage Frais and Strawberries today! I could eat that for the rest of my life!

lundi, juin 21, 2010


Litha, Summer's Solstice - again! The time passes so quickly. It seems to me that it was just yesterday that we celebrated Yule.
It is still cold outside, probably one of the coldest Litha Day I ever knew. I was in the garden this morning, pilling out weeds and harvesting strawberries. At least, the plants seem to struggle against rain and cold. hard to believe that days will get shorter from now on.
I wish you all a blessed Solstice.

samedi, juin 19, 2010

Project52 -23 Sweet as sugar

Talking about sugar -like any "unhealthy" food -  is like talking about religion or politics - it inevitably leads into flame-wars. While I am used to debate over the first two topics, I really don't feel like jumping in a piranha-pond by picking up THIS subject.  I will let Diana write some words about that:

Most of us are sugar addicts, so was I and that was one of the main cause of the considerable overweight I had until 2 years back from now. I used to swallow 2 bottles of Coca-Cola, which alone, gave me a calorie-intake of over 1000...
Now ad 3 croissants and a coffee with 3 teaspoons of sugar in the morning, a meal with lots of butter and fat for dinner and it was no wonder, when, all while I didn't eat much in quantity I went obese by eating the wrong quality.
First thing to do was to stop drinking sweet soft-drinks. That was harder than anything other, harder than to stop eating things like bacon or croissants.  I hated Cola light, I hated artificial sweeteners. Nothing tastes like real sugar.
Therefore, the only solution that worked for me, was to stop every sugar intake for 3 months. I only drank water. It was very hard. After then, I tried out Coca Cola Zero and Pepsi Max and it tasted ...gorgeous! Coffee with artificial sweeteners: to die for!
I somehow re-calibrated my tastings and since then, life is a lot easier, for I can drink what I like, without wrecking my silhouette.
Of course, the sole existence of "bad food /drink" that has been made "less bad" is a blasphemy for diet-purists and Health-Djhadists. "All light products make you gain weight" they say, "you will get cancer" and "they use artificial sugar to feed pigs, so they become fatter - isn't that a proof?".
Even Wikipedia is split over the question. While the German site says that there's no scientific evidence for the claimed health risks of artificial sugar, the English one cites a lot of studies. Now studies are studies and there isn't one which hasn't at least 10 counter-studies proving the opposite.

I can't tell about the supposed cancer risk and I have to -  and will -  ignore it, until there are more evidences, for there are daily alerts about cancer-risks in some foods. If I'd consider them all, I'd have simply to stop eating.

As for the argument "Did you ever know someone who uses artificial sugar and lost weight because of it? No, so here's the proof, it doesn't work. Same for other diet-products"
Well, I  think that people often don't get the point with light-products. No, artificial sugar will not make you loose weight, no kind of food actually does. Some Food just has more energy than other. Eat more energy than you spend and you will gain weight. Eat less than you spend and you will loose. It's that simple. When dieting, you aim for a negative energy balance. And this is easier to reach when you eat food with low energy. Again, its simple, but some people really don't seem to get that.
Therefore, the point of a light-yogurt isn't that you can careless eat as much yogurts as you like, the meaning is that a light-yogurt is easier to fit in a daily low-energy program than a fat full-cream yogurt. It may make the difference whether or not,  you can insert a yogurt at all in a particular day-plan.

Therefore, just replacing real sugar by artificial sweetener in your morning coffee will very probably have no effect, unless you change your eating habits in the whole. When doing so, the morning coffee with artificial sweetener becomes a thing you don't have to take into your calorie-intake account when establishing your plan. Or at least, not in the same amount as it would, if you'd use real sugar. 
Eat two tablets of chocolate a day and you'll loose weight....yes....if you are only eating these and nothing else. 
Or eat lots of vegetables. Second solution will not only provide you more vitamins, it will also left you less hungry in the evening. Light Products are not meant to replace normal products. They just enlarge the palette of low-energy food, so you can better vary your meals.
I can only speak for myself: artificial sugar and light products did play their role in my diet, which actually worked very well. 

lundi, juin 14, 2010

Its getting worse

Usually I am always happy when the Week-End is over, because there's less hooning during week. Same this time, for it was a real hard week-end. But Today, even tough its monday, the hassle didn't stop. (Some of them definitely lost their job, apparently). We called the Mayor to ask him whether or not he finally had them got in his office for a talk. He said, no, they didn't come, but gave him the same letter they gave us, where they sated that they are not willing to stop. And, he said, they now start to hoon around his house, too. He had a very bad Week-End as well.

Okay, that says it all. It's not that harmless. It never was. Its a pure aggressive attitude of showing us that they're the bosses.  They really think that they can get away with it -  and probably will.
The Mayor said hat he called police (again!)  and they assured him that they will now come for regular patrols until they catch 'em.
Well, if they would only come ONE evening in our street or one Saturday afternoon, they would have already caught them by now. What the fuck are they waiting for? Sincerly, I don't believe in them cops moving their asses here.
I must say that I even can understand them a bit. We have had so many cases in France when Cops tried to stop crazy motorcycle Hooners who then tried to flee and all while doing so, had a mortal accident. This incidents then resulted in riots and manifestations against "police violence on defenseless youngsters" with the media happily defending the rights of those "poor victims".
I have no words on how much I am disgusted by these political correct people who are always ready to defend offenders and criminals but give a flying shit about the rights of people like me who do not ask for more than living in peace. Just because we are neither young nor from immigration origin, or both, we don't have any sympathy and are asked to suffer in order to not appear as "intolerant".  I am so sick and sad of all this shit, sometimes I just just wish I could go away into the otherworld right now.

I do a lot of card reading and other oracles, in the hope to know if there will be a solution soon, but there's no sign of hope. I really have to deal wit the fact, that there won't be any relief.

dimanche, juin 13, 2010

Project25-22 Dollbox

One of the advantages by inhabiting a doll is that they all think that your clothes are so sweeeeeet.

vendredi, juin 11, 2010

Open Wall

Thunderstorms went over the land the whole night. And there was rain, too much rain...In the morning, I headed into the garden to see if the flowers of the big blackberry bush are still there or beaten down by the rain. Well, a lot were, but there are still a lot of flowers remaining.

Pulling out weeds was a dirty affair, because of all the mud. I worked for an hour and then went on my bicycle tour.
In the past days, our worker has come to drill a big a hole into the house wall for the window.
It's clear that I do not enjoy the event as I thought I would, when  thinking that this home could have a future. But still, it's impressive and the view from the window is great:

By the way, the house you can see on the left of the street is the asshole-neighbors one, with one of the hooners just coming out. Question arises if the view is  really that great after all.

Othe thing: I just bought me Anime Studio 7 that has been released a few days ago. I am exited to try out its new features. But I will have to finish the hard to bear comic first.

mardi, juin 08, 2010

A day like no other

Just came home from a week spent in Basel. It was a very special trip, since on Sunday, I met my paternal side family, my Grandmother, my aunt and my uncle.

I really cannot put it into words. The emotional impact was enormous.
I went trough the whole range of possible feelings. It began with fear and anxiety when waiting at home for the time to go down the street to Grandmothers apartment: Those last hours before the moment I would finally face my family, 44 years after my birth, were like - well, waiting for an execution or something.
Then it was joy to see them and also to get aware that my aunt and uncle are such decent and nice people.  It was also a feeling that can't be described when they showed me photos of my father. Until now, I only had one single photo of him, from the marriage with my mom. And now, all of a sudden, I had a fist full of Pictures in my hand, showing him in his Life he had in America, where he apparently moved to when I was 7. There he became an US Citizen. It was also - yes - anger, when I saw him riding horses, having cats and dogs, living the life I would have liked to share with him. Did he really never spent one single thought on me during all this years? Did he ever think "today, my daughter has reached 20 years, how may she look?" I Will never know.

And then it was deep grief when I learned how he died, because of brain cancer - on August 25, 2009.
I remember very well this day: it was also the day Ted Kennedy died - because of the exact same disease! What a mad coincidence!  I remember how sad I was back then, without knowing that I should mourn my father, too.
And then there was my Grandmother who purposely hid the knowledge of my existence to her other children, and who at my birth, pretended that I wasn't her son's daughter -  and who now, had to face me. Should I be mad at her? She's just a very old lady, with beginning dementia.
During my visit, I never was sure if she really got it who I was. She sat with us around the table and looked at me. When she talked, it seemed that she wasn't even aware on how special the situation was. Just once, she suddenly had a tear in the eye and said: "It was a hard time back then" - as if she tried to make an apology. Then she was distracted again and the sparkle got lost.
When I finally prepared to leave, she suddenly said "You have your fathers eyes". She repeated it several times. When I went to her to say goodbye, she took my hand and looked at me with eyes, that seemed to carry the whole sadness of the world. She said "take care of yourself, please!" Then I saw that she understood. 44 lost years -  compiled in one, single moment. She has done wrong, but she is my Grandmother and I can't help but loving her.

On the way home, I couldn't stop crying.

It was one of the most intense experiences I ever had in my life. And it will take time for me to sort things out. It is very difficult for my aunt and uncle, too. They seemed to be aware that their parents didn't tell them the whole truth about my father and my mother, but to learn to which extend they were deceived and lied at, was pretty hard for them both.
Well, a lie of 44 years has now been put right. I really hope very much that this will mark a new beginning in our lives.

Other news:

*In Basel, The Butcher who exhibit my work was happy to tell me that one picture was sold. He paid me out and we both were very glad. This is just too cool!
*The asshole neighbors probably had to face the Mayor, I don't know how the meeting was by yet, but my mom found a letter from them at Sunday, where they tell us that they are NOT willing to stop hooning, since they think that it is their freedom and right to do so and that we are just intolerant people. I knew it. Fuck them assholes! I really hope we can move out from here as soon as possible.
* I will go catching up with answering comments and the reading of your blogs by tomorrow. For today, I am exhaust from train travelling

mercredi, juin 02, 2010

Project52-20 A look into the future

As you can see by the rune-pamphlet behind my head, I wanted to ask the runes about future. But I am afraid that a black cat laying on me is a sign already strong enough - for bad luck.

mardi, juin 01, 2010

Rain and Cold

I hate to be negative, but the weather sucks!
This morning, on my way into the garden, I met Mrs. Whitebeard. She was stern, because she just found her planted beans rotten in the ground because of the enduring cold. She is usually very tolerant and patient toward mishaps, but this visibly pissed her off.
Its not better for me. Okay, plants are still there and growing, but weeks behind their time. Last year, I had tons of strawberries at the End of may. Now, nothing. Pumpkins are just beginning to throw out their arms - last year they bloomed, June 1.
The only thing that grows well are our salads. We slaughtered the first one on JFK's Birthday in his honor to fiest on it, and it was delicious.
I don't believe we will get any warmth this year. Not this year. maybe next one. The only beings who enjoy this weather are Slugs. They invade our garden and I have to fight them back with any means. Disgusting!