lundi, juin 14, 2010

Its getting worse

Usually I am always happy when the Week-End is over, because there's less hooning during week. Same this time, for it was a real hard week-end. But Today, even tough its monday, the hassle didn't stop. (Some of them definitely lost their job, apparently). We called the Mayor to ask him whether or not he finally had them got in his office for a talk. He said, no, they didn't come, but gave him the same letter they gave us, where they sated that they are not willing to stop. And, he said, they now start to hoon around his house, too. He had a very bad Week-End as well.

Okay, that says it all. It's not that harmless. It never was. Its a pure aggressive attitude of showing us that they're the bosses.  They really think that they can get away with it -  and probably will.
The Mayor said hat he called police (again!)  and they assured him that they will now come for regular patrols until they catch 'em.
Well, if they would only come ONE evening in our street or one Saturday afternoon, they would have already caught them by now. What the fuck are they waiting for? Sincerly, I don't believe in them cops moving their asses here.
I must say that I even can understand them a bit. We have had so many cases in France when Cops tried to stop crazy motorcycle Hooners who then tried to flee and all while doing so, had a mortal accident. This incidents then resulted in riots and manifestations against "police violence on defenseless youngsters" with the media happily defending the rights of those "poor victims".
I have no words on how much I am disgusted by these political correct people who are always ready to defend offenders and criminals but give a flying shit about the rights of people like me who do not ask for more than living in peace. Just because we are neither young nor from immigration origin, or both, we don't have any sympathy and are asked to suffer in order to not appear as "intolerant".  I am so sick and sad of all this shit, sometimes I just just wish I could go away into the otherworld right now.

I do a lot of card reading and other oracles, in the hope to know if there will be a solution soon, but there's no sign of hope. I really have to deal wit the fact, that there won't be any relief.

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Weidenfrau a dit…

das ist alles so..traurig und macht mich so wütend..

Sefarina a dit…

So wie die Fakten liegen - hast du schon mal über etwas in Richtung Angriffsmagie nachgedacht? Oder bist du da recht ethisch eingestellt?
Ich würden ihnen ja alles was ich auf Lager habe an den Hals hetzen, wenn ich du wäre, oder zumindest was immer nötig ist um sie ruhig zu stellen...
Leute die aus purer Bosheit anderen schaden kann ich nämlich gar nicht leiden.

Dryade a dit…

Du Ärmste !!! Schade das es so wenig gibt was man gegen solche Menschen tun kann... :-(

Feronia a dit…

You poor thing, Diana. I feel really sorry to hear about this because your home should be a place of sanctuary. There seems to be so much aggression in your neighbours and that is a very, very hard thing to deal with. How extraordinary that they've now turned their attentions on your Mayor as well. I hope the police intervene soon or that some other solution presents itself. Thinking of you.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@SEfarina, nachgedacht sicher, leider verfüge ich nicht über genügend Wissen in der Sache und auch nicht über genügend Kraft. Ethische Bedenken (die ich sonst in jedem fall hätte) sind da keine mehr, da alles in der sache nur noch pure Notwehr wäre.
@Dryade: Das ist ja das schlimme. Die haben begriffen, dass man im Grunde nur wenig gegen sie machen kann und kosten das nun demonstrativ und rotzfrech aus.

@Feronia: Attacking the mayor too shows that they really have not the slightest respect. In the other and, he will of course defend himself too, and at least, Police does listen halfways to him. So perhaps attacking the mayor wasn't a good idea...

Bodecea a dit…

Tut mir echt leid, dass du mit solchen Nachbarn geschlagen bist... :-(

Als Soforthilfe würde ich als erstes ihre Namen auf Papier schreiben gut verschnüren (fesseln!) und in die Tiefkühltruhe legen, eventuell in einer Filmdose o.ä. Das mache ich mit allen, die mich nerven, und oft lassen sie mich bald schon "kalt".


Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Bodeccea: danke für den Ritual-Tipp. Nur, die Leute als solche lassen mich ja kalt, der Lärm hingegen nicht, der greift mich auf einer Ebene an, die ich nicht mehr schützen kann.