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Project52 -23 Sweet as sugar

Talking about sugar -like any "unhealthy" food -  is like talking about religion or politics - it inevitably leads into flame-wars. While I am used to debate over the first two topics, I really don't feel like jumping in a piranha-pond by picking up THIS subject.  I will let Diana write some words about that:

Most of us are sugar addicts, so was I and that was one of the main cause of the considerable overweight I had until 2 years back from now. I used to swallow 2 bottles of Coca-Cola, which alone, gave me a calorie-intake of over 1000...
Now ad 3 croissants and a coffee with 3 teaspoons of sugar in the morning, a meal with lots of butter and fat for dinner and it was no wonder, when, all while I didn't eat much in quantity I went obese by eating the wrong quality.
First thing to do was to stop drinking sweet soft-drinks. That was harder than anything other, harder than to stop eating things like bacon or croissants.  I hated Cola light, I hated artificial sweeteners. Nothing tastes like real sugar.
Therefore, the only solution that worked for me, was to stop every sugar intake for 3 months. I only drank water. It was very hard. After then, I tried out Coca Cola Zero and Pepsi Max and it tasted ...gorgeous! Coffee with artificial sweeteners: to die for!
I somehow re-calibrated my tastings and since then, life is a lot easier, for I can drink what I like, without wrecking my silhouette.
Of course, the sole existence of "bad food /drink" that has been made "less bad" is a blasphemy for diet-purists and Health-Djhadists. "All light products make you gain weight" they say, "you will get cancer" and "they use artificial sugar to feed pigs, so they become fatter - isn't that a proof?".
Even Wikipedia is split over the question. While the German site says that there's no scientific evidence for the claimed health risks of artificial sugar, the English one cites a lot of studies. Now studies are studies and there isn't one which hasn't at least 10 counter-studies proving the opposite.

I can't tell about the supposed cancer risk and I have to -  and will -  ignore it, until there are more evidences, for there are daily alerts about cancer-risks in some foods. If I'd consider them all, I'd have simply to stop eating.

As for the argument "Did you ever know someone who uses artificial sugar and lost weight because of it? No, so here's the proof, it doesn't work. Same for other diet-products"
Well, I  think that people often don't get the point with light-products. No, artificial sugar will not make you loose weight, no kind of food actually does. Some Food just has more energy than other. Eat more energy than you spend and you will gain weight. Eat less than you spend and you will loose. It's that simple. When dieting, you aim for a negative energy balance. And this is easier to reach when you eat food with low energy. Again, its simple, but some people really don't seem to get that.
Therefore, the point of a light-yogurt isn't that you can careless eat as much yogurts as you like, the meaning is that a light-yogurt is easier to fit in a daily low-energy program than a fat full-cream yogurt. It may make the difference whether or not,  you can insert a yogurt at all in a particular day-plan.

Therefore, just replacing real sugar by artificial sweetener in your morning coffee will very probably have no effect, unless you change your eating habits in the whole. When doing so, the morning coffee with artificial sweetener becomes a thing you don't have to take into your calorie-intake account when establishing your plan. Or at least, not in the same amount as it would, if you'd use real sugar. 
Eat two tablets of chocolate a day and you'll loose weight....yes....if you are only eating these and nothing else. 
Or eat lots of vegetables. Second solution will not only provide you more vitamins, it will also left you less hungry in the evening. Light Products are not meant to replace normal products. They just enlarge the palette of low-energy food, so you can better vary your meals.
I can only speak for myself: artificial sugar and light products did play their role in my diet, which actually worked very well. 

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Feronia a dit…

I think that, unfortunately, weight loss is down to self-discipline, sensible eating and exercise. That's the hard truth that no-one (including me!) like to hear! And taking things like butter and chocolate out of the diet certainly can't hurt.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Yes, Feronia, That' the way it works.