vendredi, juillet 30, 2010

Mrs. Kennedy, the weapons dealer

When packing, you find a lot of items you didn't thought you still own. Some of hem go straight to the trash-bin, others can be sold for one or two bucks at Ebay. Recently, I found a broken MG and a helmet from my former Dragon German soldier action figure. I putted them on Ebay for 1 Euro.

Now guess what happened: I received  questions from 3 (three!) potential buyers asking me wehter the MG is still working, if it has a firearm certificate and so on.
Excuse me. Despite the fact that Ebay doesn't allow the trading of firearms, the auction is clearly in the collectible->toys->action-figure->Dragon category and the text says that these items are from a former Toy-Soldier. There's also a photo:
Ok, the photo is crappy, but I think that every halfway intelligent person will see that these items are NOT real.
Besides, who would put such stuff for 1 Euro starting price if it was authentic?

Just hope I will not end up with a negative because the buyer feels betrayed for not getting a full functional MG...

mercredi, juillet 28, 2010


On monday, I received a package from dear Sefarina. It contained the two buttons I won at her Blog candy. The buttons, one showing the tripple moon and the other saying OMGs Oh my Gods are so lovely! I pinned them on my pen case, which is one of my most intimate items - I carry it with me wherever I go!
Sefarina also sent me a special spiritual item she made for me. I will not go into details, I feel it's too personal. Let's just say hat it is very precious and helpful!

Yesterday night, I finally dreamt again of JFK. Despite of the fact that the hooners were in the street until 2:00 O'Clock in the morning. In my dream, I was in the bed in a very dark chamber. I could hear the hooners outside (probably it was the real noise) and JFK entered in the room. He smiled and laid beside me. We interacted a while until the noise from outside let him fade away. I remember me trying to keep his shape by drawing his face in the air.
I am pretty happy that, despite of the bothering from outside, JFK found the way to me again. It was not complete, but he tried and I was able to receive. Maybe its also because of Lugnasadh approaching - and of course, Sefas help, that my spiritual connections seem to restart.

Therefore I was in a pretty good mood today and did a lot of house cleaning and packing. I also workd on the film.

mardi, juillet 27, 2010

Strange holes

The last last couple of times I went to town with my bicycle, I noticed tiny little holes in the earthy road I take  trough the fields and forests. Little holes surrounded by fine sands, the sands that were thrown out by whatever creature dug the hole. Sort of mini-mini mole-hills.

There were just one or two of them, so I didn't think about them further. But they become more and more each time I passed on that place and this morning, it was not to be overlooked anymore:

I'm starting to wonder what it actually is. Probably some sort of alien mutant worms that start their deadly invasion of the planet right at this place.
No seriously, does anyone know what kind of insect or something does this digging? The soil looks like a hunk of swiss cheese.

vendredi, juillet 23, 2010


The last weeks I had very little connection with JFK.  Only 2 dreams with him during July so far, which is a negative record. I know that there are times when he's kind of  "off" and away. I always accepted that for it enables warm reunions and the joy of renewing the bond, but now, it starts to get a bit soring. I am afraid that this is due to the allover stress which keeps me disconnecting with the spiritual world.

The inner breaking I had with my home probably adds to the situation. I do a lot of in-depth house-cleaning, not for ourselves, but for potential buyers. I am even starting to pack. If at least I knew where we will go. I could then make plans again. I really should learn to build an inner pole of rest and creativity, even in uncertain situations. My Grand-mother was very good in that. Home was where SHE was.

At least, Benni and Winzy do feel at home.

mercredi, juillet 21, 2010

Unexpected calm

Well, yes it's summer and all the flowers I planted are starting to bloom.
One of the young rabbits. They have grown very well, too. Don't worry. I hold it much more gentle than it looks on that picture.
Today was an amazingly quiet day. I mean, regarding the hooners. In the night from monday to friday the one of them who comes home every night at 23:00 PM started to mess around, playing endlessly with the motor, all while not even rolling. Just making noise. The next day (yesterday) my mom who took the Bus into town to shop, also went on the police station to report it. Officer was not very cooperative, but promised to call the asshole-neighbors afterwards.
I had serious doubts on whether he will really do that. "We see what will happen tonight" we said. In the night, he came home as always, but didn't make any extra-noise, so I assume that the call was made. And today -  nothing at all.
But the visit of a guy who knocked at our door and asked for a particular person out of the asshole-neighbor's bunch. I could not help him, There are so many people there who come and go. I told him also that I am not friends with them. "I know that they are not very nice" he said. He then went to other neighbors, in hope to get informations.
The asshole neighbors themselves were all out of the house, probably kind of knew that someone was looking for them, whom they don't want to meet.
A similar thing happened last year, and then their cars were taken away by authorities by means of force and they hid Gods know where. It was the best summer ever here, so calm.
It may be, that there is a new shit going on, an issue which will drive them away for a while.  I am holding on every tiny bit of hope.
But anyway: It doesn't change anything in my moving plans, because they will come back.

samedi, juillet 17, 2010

Sudden Memories

It's funny how memories work. Some seem to be buried deeply and then suddenly emerge, for an unknown reason.
These days, I had to think about a tragedy that happened when I was 11 and did have a pretty deep impact in my emotional life.
My Grandfather loved to go to beautiful Restaurants on Sundays, with the whole family. Mostly those outside in the country, so Grandmother and me (and my uncle, if he was there) could take a long hike trough nature, all while he waited in the Restaurant for our return. He was 15 years older than my grandma and not so good on foot. When we came back from walking, we all had a dinner at the restaurant. This tradition is amongst my brightest memory from childhood.

This particular day, it was not a Restaurant in the country, but one in the Town of Rheinfelden. or was it Birsfelden? I hate to admit it, but I forgot that. Probably because of the trauma.
Anyway,  It was an old, historical house, all with wooden beams and timber. Historical sites and places with heritage of importance were also very appealing to us and so we went there on a sunday.
It was late summer, the day was sunny, bright and warm. We took our diner on the Restaurant's balcony that was build above the Rhine. We could watch the river and the range of historical houses on each side of the Rhine. But the very best thing was, how nice the Restaurant keeper family were to the guests. There was a grandmother who came talking with us and had a great charisma. And 2 little girls who enjoyed to to serve us our plates, playfully and with great pleasure. I remember my Grandfather giving them a bit of money, saying that as real little waitresses, they deserve gratuities. The girls were out of herselves, thanked him a lot and went playing. We enjoyed our stay. It was one of these utter perfect days.

When leaving, I admired once more the magnificent wooden stairs, the decorations and walls of the probably more than 300 year old house. We all promised to come back soon.

The next day, we heard in the early news, that the Restaurant burnt down during the night. I can't describe, the shock it was. I saw the pictures on TV and in the paper. The wooden house didn't have a chance. And the most terrible thing: The grandmother AND the two girls died in the flames.
The House father and his wife were heavily injured.
I was 11 and it was the first time I was confronted with the fact that life, happiness and joy - all can disappear in one single moment. A day of perfection that was reduced to ashes. Just like that.
It happened more than 30 years ago. But when I think of it, it is as it was yesterday. The deep sadness still chains me from the inner heart. I think it was the kind of thing that made me loose the universal trust most children are born with.

vendredi, juillet 16, 2010

The money lays on the street

I am doing a lot of work these days, so much that I am really tired in the evening. I mean, I am very used to draw, therefore It hardly makes me that tired, but at the pace I work now, it does.
The main reason for my increased efforts is that I want to finish the La bête des Vosges Film for this autumn. First, because it's an autumn Film who should be released in that season. But also, because we may not be here in the Vosgian mountains anymore when the Film is finished, otherwise. And that would be not so good, since  part of my marketing plans include the fact that the film is about this place here. The Film may of course appeal to people anywhere, but you always have an advantage on the local market when you portray the local country and live there, too.

But I have to go in the garden, every day, too. Lots of harvesting now, and weeds to be pulled. Today, I was also in Town with my bicycle, to buy some stuff we were out of. On the way home, on the forest road, I found a 10 Euro Bill in the grass, next to the roadside. There aren't any houses there where I could have gone, asking  who lost it, and so - well -  I kept it. The way it looked, (all crackled) it probably fell out of the pocket of a man who stopped  there to piss at the roadside. There's hardly another explanation, since there  isn't a parking or resting place in this area neither.
Pissing at the roadside, unhidden, for anyone to see - A disgusting habit, that is widely practiced in France. Is it too much asked to do a few further  steps INto the forest, if  'ya really need to leave your car for a piss?
Anyway, your 10 bucks won't harm me!
I took it as a good sign. For unexpected money or so.

Winzy, exploring the wastepaper bucket.

mardi, juillet 13, 2010

Quick n' Dirty

* Damn spammer keeps posting, despite of the word-verification. So it's not a bot. Listen, asshole: Go and mess around elsewhere!
* Got a lot of Film-Work done! Yay!
* Zukes are invading my garden. Fine. I am never tired of eating them!
* Mr. Whitebeard just brought us a basket full of his cherries. Love them.
* Benni is trying to eat JFK's pants (the doll) not fine.
* Tomorrow is is 14 of July, national day in France. I wish I could exile myself in Basel again. 

lundi, juillet 12, 2010

Red Light

Today, I brought Benni and Winzy to the Veterinarian. They got shots against worms and fleas and their ears cleaned. The latter was very unpleasant for them and it was the first time I saw them terrorized, and whine in fear. It was heart-breaking. But It had to be done.
I didn't sleep too well at these ho temperatures and had a nightmare. It was utter dark and I saw two windows in two different houses, one having red curtains with a light shining behind them and another a lamp in it. I finally headed toward the one that has the lamp. Now, a shining lamp is a warning for danger in my dreams. And a red glow in the dark is even worse. I had such dreams before major negative impacts in life.
Shit, as if I didn't have enough problems by now...Just hope that maybe the hot night exaggerated the dream-imagery.

samedi, juillet 10, 2010

A hot day

*Sigh* Benni and Winzi can be challenging...
Its not easy to concentrate on a work, when Benni is constantly jumping into the wastepaper-basket. Or when Winzi is squealing like a mouse each time his brother catches him. They are both like two little flying demons. fortunately, the have their time of sleep, too.

Outside it is really HOT now. I spent the morning outside drawing, since it was pretty calm (even tough it is saturday!) But I went inside at noon. Really too hot. I took a bath in the swimming pool in the afternoon, which was great.
Garden is also blooming and growing. And even Gribis Grave has changed:
I advanced a lot with the Bêtes des Vosges film in the past days. I am still not trough with the processing of the art I did in Basel. But it comes out pretty cool. I guess, I will be able to finish this project by autumn. At least, I hope so.

mercredi, juillet 07, 2010

Basel, Winzi and Benni

Yesterday, I came home from a long week spent in Basel. It was a week of vacation that did me real good. I worked a lot in our little apartment, in order to make it more livable and comfortable, because I will probably spend more time in Basel as soon as I have a car and a second computer. Also is it possible that we may have to temporary move in there, if our house gets sold all while we don't have a new one. Last but not least, the new house will probably do not have much space, so has the little Basel apartment, and this got me some exercise in fitting out real tiny spaces. It was a lot of fun.

The days in Basel were very hot. 38 degrees and more, therefore I spent a lot of time in the Waterpark of St. Jakob, which the Basileans call "Joggeli". I used to go to the Joggeli often  when I was a child. Last time was probably over 35 yeas ago. I was pleased to see that nothing has changed, at least not much. I avoided Waterparks since a couple of years, because I felt too bad for being overweighted. This problem being solved, it was about time to start a new daily-Joggeli time.

Speaking of feeling bad in Waterparks: I got aware of the fact that I am probably way too timid. Not only were there people trice as big as I was even in my fattest time, but also didn't they make any effort for at least trying not to appear as lazy, greedy binge-eaters. One sat there, her immense belly hanging down between her legs spread wide open, gorging down sausage and french fries at incredible speed. She didn't even think to go into the water or make any unnecessary move. Oddly enough, people didn't stare at her, or laugh. In my time, I felt persecuted by looks and laughs constantly. Wonder if that was real or just my own perception.

The Joggeli has many changing cubicles, hence you will always find a free one, even in crowed periods. This makes me ask why some people prefer to change their clothes in public. Even a woman, not too young anymore, obviously thought that the 3 Meters to the next changing cabin were too much to walk to and shared her naked, mummy-like body with everybody. I am talking about the same subject as did Neniel, here.
I am really not prude, too. It would be way too much saying that I was offended or something like that. It just left me a bit head-scratching. I mean, what's wrong with a changing cubicle?

Saturday was the hottest day of this week and even the night had still 26 degrees. A real tropical night. I met my aunt and we went down to the Rhine in a restaurant. It was very nice and great!

All while I had fun in Basel, some major change occurred at home, in France.
You may remember that after Gribis death, I dreamt of a little kitten. I dreamt about it very often and I said to my mom, that when we find such a Kitten, I will call it Benni - as a reference to Gribis full Name, Benjamin. During all this time, I talked a lot about Benni. It was always like that "When Benni will be here, he will..." I ended up by talking about Benni as if he was already here and I was sad that he wasn't for real. Benni was my imaginary ghost-cat.
Now, when in Basel, I got a phone call of my mom. She told me that the neighbor's little girl (the neighbors who share a housewall with our house) has found four young kitten in their barn. She made the tour of the village, trying to find people who will adopt them. My mom fell in love with a light-tan one and said "there was none that looked like Benni is supposed to look" (well, like Gribi of course) but she wanted to take 2 kitten anyway, because one would be too alone, surrounded with our big, hissing cats and they were in need for a home. She said that she will call "her" tan kitten "Winzi" and waited for me to name the other.

I had a lot of mixed feelings. First, I was a bit sad, even angry, because I felt that mom just gave away Bennis place. During weeks and months I prayed Bastet to show me the way to Benni, asked her to make our paths cross, because I knew that he was out there, somewhere...
Then I started to ask myself - what if that Kitten actually IS Benni? He came to us unexpected, as a surprise and that is supposed to happen when you ask for just being guided. I looked into the runes too and it made me come to the conclusion that I should call mom, telling her that she can name the other kitten "Benni".

When I came home and saw Benni for the first time, it was a big surprise, because he actually HAS the colors Gribi had, the grey-sepia tabby parts are just much less than the white part. Now I am convinced that it is long awaited Benni:

And this is Winzi:

Having grown up in a barn, without human care, they have some health problems, like probably worms. Our veterinarian is in vacation until next Monday. Then, we will have a date with the two there.