mercredi, juillet 07, 2010

Basel, Winzi and Benni

Yesterday, I came home from a long week spent in Basel. It was a week of vacation that did me real good. I worked a lot in our little apartment, in order to make it more livable and comfortable, because I will probably spend more time in Basel as soon as I have a car and a second computer. Also is it possible that we may have to temporary move in there, if our house gets sold all while we don't have a new one. Last but not least, the new house will probably do not have much space, so has the little Basel apartment, and this got me some exercise in fitting out real tiny spaces. It was a lot of fun.

The days in Basel were very hot. 38 degrees and more, therefore I spent a lot of time in the Waterpark of St. Jakob, which the Basileans call "Joggeli". I used to go to the Joggeli often  when I was a child. Last time was probably over 35 yeas ago. I was pleased to see that nothing has changed, at least not much. I avoided Waterparks since a couple of years, because I felt too bad for being overweighted. This problem being solved, it was about time to start a new daily-Joggeli time.

Speaking of feeling bad in Waterparks: I got aware of the fact that I am probably way too timid. Not only were there people trice as big as I was even in my fattest time, but also didn't they make any effort for at least trying not to appear as lazy, greedy binge-eaters. One sat there, her immense belly hanging down between her legs spread wide open, gorging down sausage and french fries at incredible speed. She didn't even think to go into the water or make any unnecessary move. Oddly enough, people didn't stare at her, or laugh. In my time, I felt persecuted by looks and laughs constantly. Wonder if that was real or just my own perception.

The Joggeli has many changing cubicles, hence you will always find a free one, even in crowed periods. This makes me ask why some people prefer to change their clothes in public. Even a woman, not too young anymore, obviously thought that the 3 Meters to the next changing cabin were too much to walk to and shared her naked, mummy-like body with everybody. I am talking about the same subject as did Neniel, here.
I am really not prude, too. It would be way too much saying that I was offended or something like that. It just left me a bit head-scratching. I mean, what's wrong with a changing cubicle?

Saturday was the hottest day of this week and even the night had still 26 degrees. A real tropical night. I met my aunt and we went down to the Rhine in a restaurant. It was very nice and great!

All while I had fun in Basel, some major change occurred at home, in France.
You may remember that after Gribis death, I dreamt of a little kitten. I dreamt about it very often and I said to my mom, that when we find such a Kitten, I will call it Benni - as a reference to Gribis full Name, Benjamin. During all this time, I talked a lot about Benni. It was always like that "When Benni will be here, he will..." I ended up by talking about Benni as if he was already here and I was sad that he wasn't for real. Benni was my imaginary ghost-cat.
Now, when in Basel, I got a phone call of my mom. She told me that the neighbor's little girl (the neighbors who share a housewall with our house) has found four young kitten in their barn. She made the tour of the village, trying to find people who will adopt them. My mom fell in love with a light-tan one and said "there was none that looked like Benni is supposed to look" (well, like Gribi of course) but she wanted to take 2 kitten anyway, because one would be too alone, surrounded with our big, hissing cats and they were in need for a home. She said that she will call "her" tan kitten "Winzi" and waited for me to name the other.

I had a lot of mixed feelings. First, I was a bit sad, even angry, because I felt that mom just gave away Bennis place. During weeks and months I prayed Bastet to show me the way to Benni, asked her to make our paths cross, because I knew that he was out there, somewhere...
Then I started to ask myself - what if that Kitten actually IS Benni? He came to us unexpected, as a surprise and that is supposed to happen when you ask for just being guided. I looked into the runes too and it made me come to the conclusion that I should call mom, telling her that she can name the other kitten "Benni".

When I came home and saw Benni for the first time, it was a big surprise, because he actually HAS the colors Gribi had, the grey-sepia tabby parts are just much less than the white part. Now I am convinced that it is long awaited Benni:

And this is Winzi:

Having grown up in a barn, without human care, they have some health problems, like probably worms. Our veterinarian is in vacation until next Monday. Then, we will have a date with the two there.

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caroona a dit…

Awwwwwww!!! So tiny and fluffy!!! Awwwwwwww...

I would think it really mostly was your perception that made you think others used to stare at you. We look at ourselves through a mental microscope and detect the smallest flaws and study them and analyse them and feel terrible about them. Towards others, we usually are much more lenient. And also, we hear our own inner critic talk inside our heads and think other must be so sane and happy, because we do not hear their inner critics.

It is nice to hear you had a good time. And say hi to Benni and Winzi from me :o)

Mauser*Girl a dit…

OMG they are so cute and fluffy. Are they going to have long hair when they're done growing?

And I think caroona is right - it's all about YOUR perception of yourself. People really don't care as much as you'd think.

Feronia a dit…

Self-perception can convince you of so many things. More often than not, other people are too wrapped up in their own stuff to even notice what we're doing. I try to tell my self that anyway, because I am very self-conscious too!

Those kitties are just beautiful. The expression on Winzi's face...awwww!!

Glad you had a good time in Basel :)

Weidenfrau a dit…

schön das du in Basel eine gute Zeit hattest!
Die beiden "Zuwächse" sind js goldig..

Bodecea a dit…

War heute im Baggerse und hatte ähnliche Gedanken. Bin ja jetzt auch keine spindeldürrre knackige 20jährige, aber dass ich ein wenig gschamig bin wegen meiner normalen Figur, vergaß ich schnell, als ich viele Frauen sah, die viel jünger als ich waren - aber sicher doppelt so schwer. Uff, das nimmt aber ganz schön zu, im wahrsten Sinne...

Aber wenn ich die ansehe und beurteile, dann haben mich, als ich dicker war, sicher auch Leute angesehen und beurteilt. Also so ganz eingebildet ist das nicht. Nur rufen einen immerhin als erwachsene keine Jungs mehr freche Kommentare nach.


Sefarina a dit…

Vielleicht ist er es wirklich, mein Mäuserich kam diesen Frühling auch gänzlich unerwartet wieder... Geht es denn vom Alter her hin?
Benni sieht auf jeden Fall sehr klug und interessiert aus und wird sicher mal ein sehr lieber Kater.
Ich freu mich für dich!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina, Ja, vom Alter her käme es problemlos hin und auch, nun ja, von den "Zeichen" her. Auch hat Gribis bester Freund, Kater Georgie Benni sofort akzeptiert, was ungewöhnlich ist. Die beiden kuscheln nun wie damals Georgie mit Gribi.
So oder so hat Benni aber nun einen neuen Lebenszyklus begonnen und diesen werde ich als solchen auch respektieren, dh mich nicht zu sehr in diese Möglickeit hineinsteigern.
Oh, der Mäuserich der gerade auf Diât ist?

@Caroona, Feronia and Mauser*Girl: There's no doubt that very much of it was my own perception, but not exclusively. As Bodeccea said: Others may have the thoughts we have tward them, too. I admit that the assumption of being surrounded by hostility was a merely a by-proxy feeling of my own unhappiness, but there was a real background as well.

@Bodecea: Richtig, und klare Beleidigungen sind dann definitiv keine Einbildung mehr und davon durfte ich früher genug einstecken, auch als Erwachsene. Ab einer bestimmten Gewichtsklasse hast Du in den Augen mancher keine Gefühle mehr zu haben und bist Freiwild.

Ich stimme Dir zu, dass die Menschen generell zunehmen und das mag durchaus ein Grund sein, warum sowohl an Baggerseen als auch im Schwimmbad das Gaff-und-Kicher Phänomen wiederum abnehmend ist, ganz einfach, weil die Mehrheit auch immer irgendwie die Norm diktiert.
Auch wenn ich mir die Menschen generell so ansehe, zB auch in Städten wie Basel, dann differiert die tatsächliche Norm von der von den Medien verbreiteten mittlerweile erheblich.