mercredi, juillet 28, 2010


On monday, I received a package from dear Sefarina. It contained the two buttons I won at her Blog candy. The buttons, one showing the tripple moon and the other saying OMGs Oh my Gods are so lovely! I pinned them on my pen case, which is one of my most intimate items - I carry it with me wherever I go!
Sefarina also sent me a special spiritual item she made for me. I will not go into details, I feel it's too personal. Let's just say hat it is very precious and helpful!

Yesterday night, I finally dreamt again of JFK. Despite of the fact that the hooners were in the street until 2:00 O'Clock in the morning. In my dream, I was in the bed in a very dark chamber. I could hear the hooners outside (probably it was the real noise) and JFK entered in the room. He smiled and laid beside me. We interacted a while until the noise from outside let him fade away. I remember me trying to keep his shape by drawing his face in the air.
I am pretty happy that, despite of the bothering from outside, JFK found the way to me again. It was not complete, but he tried and I was able to receive. Maybe its also because of Lugnasadh approaching - and of course, Sefas help, that my spiritual connections seem to restart.

Therefore I was in a pretty good mood today and did a lot of house cleaning and packing. I also workd on the film.

3 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

So glad JFK has visited you.

President Snow a dit…

That's great he made it too you despite the outside noise. :)

And so lovely you finally received the buttons and the special gift :)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia + President Snow: Thak you very much, yes I am happy that JFK gets in touch with me again.