vendredi, juillet 16, 2010

The money lays on the street

I am doing a lot of work these days, so much that I am really tired in the evening. I mean, I am very used to draw, therefore It hardly makes me that tired, but at the pace I work now, it does.
The main reason for my increased efforts is that I want to finish the La bête des Vosges Film for this autumn. First, because it's an autumn Film who should be released in that season. But also, because we may not be here in the Vosgian mountains anymore when the Film is finished, otherwise. And that would be not so good, since  part of my marketing plans include the fact that the film is about this place here. The Film may of course appeal to people anywhere, but you always have an advantage on the local market when you portray the local country and live there, too.

But I have to go in the garden, every day, too. Lots of harvesting now, and weeds to be pulled. Today, I was also in Town with my bicycle, to buy some stuff we were out of. On the way home, on the forest road, I found a 10 Euro Bill in the grass, next to the roadside. There aren't any houses there where I could have gone, asking  who lost it, and so - well -  I kept it. The way it looked, (all crackled) it probably fell out of the pocket of a man who stopped  there to piss at the roadside. There's hardly another explanation, since there  isn't a parking or resting place in this area neither.
Pissing at the roadside, unhidden, for anyone to see - A disgusting habit, that is widely practiced in France. Is it too much asked to do a few further  steps INto the forest, if  'ya really need to leave your car for a piss?
Anyway, your 10 bucks won't harm me!
I took it as a good sign. For unexpected money or so.

Winzy, exploring the wastepaper bucket.

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President Snow a dit…

It's okay to be tired and busy if it's to do with something so dear to you, in my opinion. And imagine the feeling when you are finally finished! :D
And you will be moving out of the mountains? Where to?

And if for some reason I cannot hold until I get to a proper restroom, I always make sure I go into the woods. I don't understanding pissing so close to the road...

Such a cute kitten! :D

Feronia a dit…

Finding money *is* a good sign. Pissing at the roadside happens here in Australia a lot too. Bleugh!

Bodecea a dit…

German men piss a lot in the underpasses of railway stations... even if toilets are there... maybe some primate behaviour leftover??? "Hey, my smells shows it's my territory!" or "Hey, look, I've got a penis!!!".

Finding money is a good sign!


Magaly Guerrero a dit…

Money and piss. I actually said this aloud and laughed.

Did the kitty find anything interesting in the trash?

I hope all this busy time shows the result you are expecting. I have a feeling it will!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow: Well, I don't know right now where actally we will move, it will where we'll find the house that we look for. There are chances it'll be outside des Vosgian mountains, but there's also a little possibility we find something around here.

@Feronia: It's a dirty habit and an indecent behavior.

@Bodecea. Yes, you are right. This is probably the reasons for this behavior.

@Magaly: Winzy looked for something he can play with in the bin and of course, found it.