vendredi, juillet 30, 2010

Mrs. Kennedy, the weapons dealer

When packing, you find a lot of items you didn't thought you still own. Some of hem go straight to the trash-bin, others can be sold for one or two bucks at Ebay. Recently, I found a broken MG and a helmet from my former Dragon German soldier action figure. I putted them on Ebay for 1 Euro.

Now guess what happened: I received  questions from 3 (three!) potential buyers asking me wehter the MG is still working, if it has a firearm certificate and so on.
Excuse me. Despite the fact that Ebay doesn't allow the trading of firearms, the auction is clearly in the collectible->toys->action-figure->Dragon category and the text says that these items are from a former Toy-Soldier. There's also a photo:
Ok, the photo is crappy, but I think that every halfway intelligent person will see that these items are NOT real.
Besides, who would put such stuff for 1 Euro starting price if it was authentic?

Just hope I will not end up with a negative because the buyer feels betrayed for not getting a full functional MG...

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Sefarina a dit…

Unglaublich dass es so viele Psychos gibt, die denken über ebay eine funktionstüchtige M1 kaufen zu können. Und ich frage mich, was wollen die damit?
Vielleicht hättest du ein Lineal daneben legen sollen ;-)

Kopfschüttelnde Grüße,

Anonyme a dit…

Wow ... people are STUPID!

President Snow a dit…

That's their fault for thinking it's real, when it is obviously a toy! Crazy people.

Feronia a dit…

Maybe put in capital letters 'TOY'?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Yes, I should have made all those indications. After all, each time when you think "oh, people are not that stupid" you can safely assume that you are wrong.

Fortunately, the items had been sold to a person who was aware about what it was.