mardi, juillet 13, 2010

Quick n' Dirty

* Damn spammer keeps posting, despite of the word-verification. So it's not a bot. Listen, asshole: Go and mess around elsewhere!
* Got a lot of Film-Work done! Yay!
* Zukes are invading my garden. Fine. I am never tired of eating them!
* Mr. Whitebeard just brought us a basket full of his cherries. Love them.
* Benni is trying to eat JFK's pants (the doll) not fine.
* Tomorrow is is 14 of July, national day in France. I wish I could exile myself in Basel again. 

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Sorry to hear about the spammers. :(

I've been having issues with them on my (old) dog blog, too. Every time I would post a new entry, I would have a bunch of ads from China to delete in the comments.

It's SO frustrating.

Feronia a dit…

Mmmm...cherries! Sounds good :)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Mauser*Girl, Then we have the same Spammer - Mine is also some Chinese Character writer.

@Feronia. Cherries are wonderful, yes!

President Snow a dit…

I need to keep in contact with you more! I miss your personality in my life! Haha!

Eek, I don't like spammers. What a hassle. :(

Yum, cherries!!

Poor Jack, a man (or doll) so handsome, has to fight to keep his pants on! Haha! By the way, the kittens are so cute! :D

Oh, is national day a bit of a bother? Must be if you wish to be exiled, haha!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow - Miss you, too! :-)