samedi, juillet 10, 2010

A hot day

*Sigh* Benni and Winzi can be challenging...
Its not easy to concentrate on a work, when Benni is constantly jumping into the wastepaper-basket. Or when Winzi is squealing like a mouse each time his brother catches him. They are both like two little flying demons. fortunately, the have their time of sleep, too.

Outside it is really HOT now. I spent the morning outside drawing, since it was pretty calm (even tough it is saturday!) But I went inside at noon. Really too hot. I took a bath in the swimming pool in the afternoon, which was great.
Garden is also blooming and growing. And even Gribis Grave has changed:
I advanced a lot with the Bêtes des Vosges film in the past days. I am still not trough with the processing of the art I did in Basel. But it comes out pretty cool. I guess, I will be able to finish this project by autumn. At least, I hope so.

2 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

The garden's looking beautiful!

2woelfe a dit…

And so does the Grave. It ist really beautiful.