mercredi, juillet 21, 2010

Unexpected calm

Well, yes it's summer and all the flowers I planted are starting to bloom.
One of the young rabbits. They have grown very well, too. Don't worry. I hold it much more gentle than it looks on that picture.
Today was an amazingly quiet day. I mean, regarding the hooners. In the night from monday to friday the one of them who comes home every night at 23:00 PM started to mess around, playing endlessly with the motor, all while not even rolling. Just making noise. The next day (yesterday) my mom who took the Bus into town to shop, also went on the police station to report it. Officer was not very cooperative, but promised to call the asshole-neighbors afterwards.
I had serious doubts on whether he will really do that. "We see what will happen tonight" we said. In the night, he came home as always, but didn't make any extra-noise, so I assume that the call was made. And today -  nothing at all.
But the visit of a guy who knocked at our door and asked for a particular person out of the asshole-neighbor's bunch. I could not help him, There are so many people there who come and go. I told him also that I am not friends with them. "I know that they are not very nice" he said. He then went to other neighbors, in hope to get informations.
The asshole neighbors themselves were all out of the house, probably kind of knew that someone was looking for them, whom they don't want to meet.
A similar thing happened last year, and then their cars were taken away by authorities by means of force and they hid Gods know where. It was the best summer ever here, so calm.
It may be, that there is a new shit going on, an issue which will drive them away for a while.  I am holding on every tiny bit of hope.
But anyway: It doesn't change anything in my moving plans, because they will come back.

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Feronia a dit…

We've had a hoon start up in our area. The last couple of afternoons, he rides around and around the streets on a dirt bike and it makes *so much noise*. Yesterday the noise just reverberated through the whole house, even though he was a couple of streets away.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia: Oh, really sad to hear that! I hope someone will report this brainlss idiot as soon as possible. As I learned from Wikipedia, Australia has some tough anti-hoon laws.
I'm with you in thoughts.

Feronia a dit…

Thanks Diana :) I haven't heard him these last couple of days so maybe someone said something...