lundi, août 30, 2010

Early Fall

I am slowly packing and preparing things for Basel. I will travel off next Friday. I am doing the necessary to hopefully have a computer with internet connection in Basel, too, soon.
Meanwhile I got me some graphic jobs to do and really nice ones with that! At least,  I will be able to buy me a new headphone - I already had a brand new one, but Winzy bit its wire in pieces yesterday. S'Okay. I hate to spend money for things I already had, but s'okay. Kittens will be little monsters kittens.

Its getting really cold now, fall is here. But I like it. The misty atmosphere of early autumn gets me reconnected to the spiritual world. I have increasing dreams with JFK and a more intense contact again. Therefore, despite of all uncertainty,  I am feeling quite well.

jeudi, août 26, 2010

Soccer Players

Although I worked a lot, I wasn't really productive the last two days. As hard as I try to, it seems to be impossible to keep up with a steady, busy pace.
I cought Benni and Winzy with my pocket Camera, using the "video-mode". The little snippet of a movie that came out was inspiring, and so I worked it into a little something:

vendredi, août 20, 2010

Outside Forces

I hate it when I make plans and some third party inducted inconvenience modify them .
Yesterday, I  have visited the gynaecologist because of my increasing irregularity which was starting to get annoying. A sonar examen revealed a small uterine Fibroma. The Doctor said that it was nothing to be worried about. But I will have to visit the gynaecologist again, on September 11, which means that have to come back from Basel sooner than I expected. Grr!
Also my profession-counselor announced her visit on September 2, - And there, I wanted to go to Basel on August 30. Re-Grr!
But this date has priority, all the more that she will be accompanied by another state-counselor who's an expert in House-Selling and all things attached. You can imagine that I look forward to talk to her and hear her advices. Well, if the date can't be made during the next week, I will go to Basel only September 3.  - Shit happens. 
Other than that, I am really advancing with my Film Project. I finish a scene almost every day And this is very, very exiting!

dimanche, août 15, 2010


cold rain and storm over the land today, Autumn spreads out its wings. This was definitely one of the shortest summer I ever knew.
But I am looking forward for the fall. Its my most favorite season - pumpkins, colored leaves and all this sweet-dark atmosphere of diving into a mystery.

Today, i talked to my mom about my plans to spend most of th autumn in Basel. Not that the hooners are so much overwhelming right now - on the contrary, its pretty calm since almost 14 days - but I want to to spend some time in a place with business opportunities. I want - well, I HAVE to find me more customers. The Internet is great, but it doesn't really substitute being on place and showing yourself to potential clients as a breathing human. So I will see if I can find me some graphic jobs in Basel for the fall in order to get and save as much funds as I can, for our new home.

The hardest thing will be to leave my little darlings, Benni and Winzy. As soon as I can have a car, I can come home often and see them, of course. But I also talked to my mom if we can share the care for them. Meaning: I will take them with me to Basel for some time and after that, she will have them back for some other time, and so on. Will get the kitties used to travelling. I lived this way with my Cat Oddy (1984 - 2000) and he ended up being a real traveler cat who immediately felt at home wherever we were.

mardi, août 10, 2010

Size does matter

Today the worker was here and almost finished the new window.
I am starting to place ads to sell my house. Wonder when the first interested person will get in touch with me. From he ads I hung up in the supermarkets, several sheets with my phone number were taken away. The Ebay-Ad is "followed" by a lot of persons - but none so far made the step of getting in touch with me.

On the other side, I am looking for the potential new home. It doesn't make really sense right now, since I don't have a car to visit the houses and of course, as long as mine is not sold, I don't have the founds to buy, anyway.

But I look to get an idea of what is possible in the price range in which I will probably be able  to sell my home. It goes from total ruins for 40'000 to really nice little houses for 28'000. I saved some ads, in the hope that the houses are still available when I can consider visiting them. Because they are really lovely.
Benni and Winzy are growing fast. Well, Benni is growing. Winzy seems to stay tiny. Benny has now almost twice the size of his brother.

Winzy is the one grinning and Benni the one in the foreground, laying o his back. The two other cats are Millie and Georgie. Millie and Georgie were a similar case, as kittens, years ago. Millie grew up fast and Georgie stayed frail and tiny. He still is. Wonder who will be the bigger one, Winzy or Georgie.

dimanche, août 08, 2010

Illegal Deeds

It's pretty rainy and cold outside - and even more inside. I am constantly freezing. Therefore, I took out my warming bottle.
Warming Bottle. At the Beginning of August! This is so...wrong, so utterly illegal. I feel deeply guilty, but I do it anyway. It's stronger than me. Because it feels so good having a warming source with me under my blanket when I am sitting on the sofa. My mom is in Basel: I have no witness for my criminal actions. I confess it to you, in the hope you will not report me.

vendredi, août 06, 2010

I can't believe it.

I stated in my last comment that the buyer of the Toy-supplies understood that the Weapon was a toy. This was premature.
Today, I received a message from the buyer, stating that he read the German laws regarding firearms and was "not sure if he was allowed to own that gun and therefore I should send him only the helmet".

I really can't believe it. Was the action this mistakable?

It was listed in the action-figure category. It stated that the items belonged to my "former Dragon soldiers". Okay, I may should have indicated the size. I just assumed that people who look into this category know what Dragon Soldiers are, which size they are and therefore, which size the supplies are. It just never came into my mind a normal person could expect to find a real working gun on Ebay!
I am really pissed off. I hate to have trouble just because of people's endless stupidity..