vendredi, août 20, 2010

Outside Forces

I hate it when I make plans and some third party inducted inconvenience modify them .
Yesterday, I  have visited the gynaecologist because of my increasing irregularity which was starting to get annoying. A sonar examen revealed a small uterine Fibroma. The Doctor said that it was nothing to be worried about. But I will have to visit the gynaecologist again, on September 11, which means that have to come back from Basel sooner than I expected. Grr!
Also my profession-counselor announced her visit on September 2, - And there, I wanted to go to Basel on August 30. Re-Grr!
But this date has priority, all the more that she will be accompanied by another state-counselor who's an expert in House-Selling and all things attached. You can imagine that I look forward to talk to her and hear her advices. Well, if the date can't be made during the next week, I will go to Basel only September 3.  - Shit happens. 
Other than that, I am really advancing with my Film Project. I finish a scene almost every day And this is very, very exiting!

4 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

Nothing ever seems to go to plan, does it? I know just what you mean.

I love that image!

Sefarina a dit…

Lästig ist es allemal, wenn man "fremddiktiert" wird und seine Pläne für andere umwerfen muss. Ich kenne das selbst sehr gut :-(

caroona a dit…

Das ist echt nervig, wenn so etwas dazwischen funkt. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf den Film, schön zu hören, dass es da so gut fließt.

President Snow a dit…

I know what you mean about outside forces messing up your plans. It is VERY annoying.

It's great you're making so much progress on the film though! :D