dimanche, août 15, 2010


cold rain and storm over the land today, Autumn spreads out its wings. This was definitely one of the shortest summer I ever knew.
But I am looking forward for the fall. Its my most favorite season - pumpkins, colored leaves and all this sweet-dark atmosphere of diving into a mystery.

Today, i talked to my mom about my plans to spend most of th autumn in Basel. Not that the hooners are so much overwhelming right now - on the contrary, its pretty calm since almost 14 days - but I want to to spend some time in a place with business opportunities. I want - well, I HAVE to find me more customers. The Internet is great, but it doesn't really substitute being on place and showing yourself to potential clients as a breathing human. So I will see if I can find me some graphic jobs in Basel for the fall in order to get and save as much funds as I can, for our new home.

The hardest thing will be to leave my little darlings, Benni and Winzy. As soon as I can have a car, I can come home often and see them, of course. But I also talked to my mom if we can share the care for them. Meaning: I will take them with me to Basel for some time and after that, she will have them back for some other time, and so on. Will get the kitties used to travelling. I lived this way with my Cat Oddy (1984 - 2000) and he ended up being a real traveler cat who immediately felt at home wherever we were.

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Sefarina a dit…

Den Herbst liebe ich auch am allermeisten, weshalb ich auch für eine Herbsthochzeit war ;-)

Mit den Kunden hast du völlig recht, die muss man selbst besuchen und sich in der richtigen Gegend aufhalten. Das Internet reicht grade fürs Portfolio.
Reisegewohnte Katzen sind auf jeden Fall praktisch, ich würde sie auch mitnehmen.

Dryade a dit…

Ich drücke dir alle Daumen und wünsche dir den ein oder anderen spannenden Job für den Herbst :-)
liebe Grüße von der Dryade

Feronia a dit…

Good luck with your upcoming business ventures. Sounds like you have a good plan :)

Bodecea a dit…

Zu kurzer Sommer, aber ach, der Herbst... so geht es mir auch :-)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@ All! Lieben Dank!

Zachia a dit…

alles gute für deien Pläne!