mardi, août 10, 2010

Size does matter

Today the worker was here and almost finished the new window.
I am starting to place ads to sell my house. Wonder when the first interested person will get in touch with me. From he ads I hung up in the supermarkets, several sheets with my phone number were taken away. The Ebay-Ad is "followed" by a lot of persons - but none so far made the step of getting in touch with me.

On the other side, I am looking for the potential new home. It doesn't make really sense right now, since I don't have a car to visit the houses and of course, as long as mine is not sold, I don't have the founds to buy, anyway.

But I look to get an idea of what is possible in the price range in which I will probably be able  to sell my home. It goes from total ruins for 40'000 to really nice little houses for 28'000. I saved some ads, in the hope that the houses are still available when I can consider visiting them. Because they are really lovely.
Benni and Winzy are growing fast. Well, Benni is growing. Winzy seems to stay tiny. Benny has now almost twice the size of his brother.

Winzy is the one grinning and Benni the one in the foreground, laying o his back. The two other cats are Millie and Georgie. Millie and Georgie were a similar case, as kittens, years ago. Millie grew up fast and Georgie stayed frail and tiny. He still is. Wonder who will be the bigger one, Winzy or Georgie.

4 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

Good luck with selling your house and with the house hunt :)

Bodecea a dit…

Seems like houses are not so expensive in France like here - I wish you luck for selling and finding a new home!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Ferionia: Thanks!

@Bodecea: Yes, unless you want to buy in Paris or the côte d'azur, french houses are a lot cheaper than german ones. Bt I also think that there are not so many houses in Germany that are in the bad shape the average abandonned-village-house in France is.

Geier a dit…

In der Tat, für das Geld bekommt man hier in der Gegend nichts - nicht mal Ruinen.
Ich lebe im falschen Land..