jeudi, août 26, 2010

Soccer Players

Although I worked a lot, I wasn't really productive the last two days. As hard as I try to, it seems to be impossible to keep up with a steady, busy pace.
I cought Benni and Winzy with my pocket Camera, using the "video-mode". The little snippet of a movie that came out was inspiring, and so I worked it into a little something:

3 commentaires:

Zachia a dit…

einfach kuffig, deine Beiden..

Sefarina a dit…

Herrlich wie sie spielen! Kein Wunder dass du zu nichts kommst bei dem Klamauk ;-)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Zachia und Sfarina. Oh ja, die Kleinen halten mich ganz schon auf Trab, soviel steht fest!