mardi, septembre 28, 2010

I don't need SEX!

Today I was at the Gynecologist, because the medics didn't stop the dragon out of control. She was worried of me having anemia because of all the loss of blood over the past weeks and because I looked pale. Guess I shouldn't have told her that I often feel dizzy - because then she wanted to send me to the hospital for a surgery the same day. I begged her not do so, because I want to go to Basel on October 5, with lots of plans for some projects and that I have already spent money for prints for that purpose. I finally could talk her into giving another medical therapy a chance to work. She also added medics against anemia - iron and so on. If this don't do the job until End of October, I will go for the surgery in order to scratch the shit that makes me bleed outta me.

Sometimes, really:

On the way home, Mrs. Whitebeard who drove me to Epinal and back, tried to convince me that a surgery would be the best way to end all the problems quickly. She kept repeating that it's painless and that one can leave the hospital within 3 days. (She had the same thing, years ago) My mom also thinks it would be far better to go for the surgery, because she thinks that I'm swallowing more medics than food by now.
What others seem to not understand is that I'm not afraid of the surgery itself. (Okay, I'm not looking forward for it, of course) but  it's the loss of time and the fact that I made plans for THAT time. And I hate it, when shit like this goes between me and my plans.

samedi, septembre 25, 2010

Daily little highlights

Since I have a more organized life, I experience what was ever normal for non-nerds around the world: Daily routine according to a steady time schedule. It isn't always pleasant, but the routine also includes some little highlights all over the day, which do me good just due to the fact tht they are repetive. Call them little rituals. First highlight is the breakfirst. Over years, I used to skip this meal, since I was not hungry so early in the morning. ("early in the morning" could have meant 4:00 PM...) Nowadays I learned how to apreciate a good breakfirst and that it is the best way to keep you thin when your biggest energy-intake is in the morning, before doing your physical efforts.
Then comes the house cleaning. It always starts in the kitchen -  dishes and so on. Pico has quickly learned when it's dishwashing time and gets on the kitchen sink to wait for the magic water pouring out :

After household, seccond little highlight: Sitting down with a tea, lightening a candle and an incense, and writing down last night's dream in my Dreambook.
After tis, drawing time, Computer Time, scanning, coloring and all.
Next highlight is at 3:00 PM, time for a little coffee. Then 8:00 PM, time to work a bit on the Weltenbibliothek. And then, on 20:00 TV-Time.

What are your daily little highlights?

mercredi, septembre 22, 2010


Today, I had the visit of a friend who is also the one who voiced Kennedy in the movie (the french voice). We passed some very nice hours talking. He had made up the opportunity for an exhibition in town with my work in spring and will now make some efforts in order to promote the film, when it is finished. It did me good to talk about all those projects. I'm now even more motivated to finish this Film in beauty. It's good to be not totally alone - for once - when it comes to care whether or not people will be interested in your art.

lundi, septembre 20, 2010

Water fight

Today I finished Scene 103. The water took me hours, but at least it came out  halfway presentable. Not perfect, not as I would have liked it, but okay.
Next Scene will be a difficult scene, too: JFK punching the beast in the face. I'm not good at drawing punching scenes in general, let alone if they have to be animated. I am working with a lot of keyframes and try to fill the in-between with hopefully not too crapy drawings. Brr! I wonder myself how THAT will come out.
Once Jack gets out of that fountain, he will try to hide in the houses and that will be fun, so I am looking forward for it. Not that it will be easy, but it will be fun. Lots of material damage then.
*sigh* I guess I can't help but being the ever childish person who enjoys scenes of breaking dishes, destroyed furniture and all that stupid cake-in-the-face humor. I grew up with Laurel and Hardy shows on TV and that kind of influenced me. I even dream of making a tribute film one day, all in black and white with one narrating voice and a piano as background music. Oooooh, I should stop even thinking about new projects!

vendredi, septembre 17, 2010


I really don't know why water is so hard to draw and even harder to animate. I am now  working at the scene where JFK is thrown into a fountain by the beast and this involves a lot if water splashing and moving. I do most of the water effects in Anime-Studio, because it allows me to do cool vector layers with transparency that can be moved and animated by manipulating the vector-points. Still, my splashing water always looks more like toothpaste  being squeezed out of its tube.

I know that with a lot of practice I'd probably would be able to obtain better results, but I just don't have the time. I really need to finish this Film quickly now. So just take the odd water as an "artistic brandsign".

mercredi, septembre 15, 2010

Customer service in the Internet-Era not existent, if you ask me.
These days, I had an issue with a paypal payment that did go to a wrong adress. I wasn't able to pick up my money and the buyer wasn't willing to be of any help, so I first called paypals phone help hotline. A paying hotline, as you can imagine.
The first minutes were wasted by pretty stupid "menus" I had to go trough -  you know, the sort of  "If you have blond hair, dial 2,  if you have your hair cut, dial 3", and so on.
Then I finally joined a breathing person. She gave me instructions that of course, didn't work. Since I wasn't willing to call this expensive hotline a second time, I tried out paypals E-mail help service. Same hard way until I finally was able to get a contact-form. I then wrote down my problem, gave ALL informations and tried to be as complete and clear as possible. The response was the following: "Your current balance is ... Euros and we can confirm that the payment of September 4 arrived correctly. Well, Neither am I unable to acknowledge my current balance by looking into my account, nor was the payment of September 4 ever an issue. Not a word about my REAL inquiry!!
I wrote back saying that they obviously didn't read what I wrote and asked them to do so.
They got back to me by repeating the same useless advice I had on the phone. Me: Just AS I SAID, this advice does not work: They: Sorry, we don't have enough information to help you out. You must tell us the transaction number and so on. (all the infos I, of course, gave them already)

Now, I filled up another contact form "complaining against paypal" this time. Today, paypal called me and we solved the issue on the phone. Okay. But WHY all this useless stress? If a person could have taken so much as a few minutes of time at the very beginning, all that fuzz would have been avoided.
Its always the same: These Internet based companies, be it Ebay, paypal or providers - all of them think that they can just make money by offering a totally automated service. Yes, they have tons of FAQ pages and help-subjects to browse trough, but sometimes you just NEED a living person to get your issue solved. Is it too much asked to hire some halfway competent people for that?

samedi, septembre 11, 2010

JFK in town

Pretty good day - The Neighbor Lady, Mrs. Whitebeard, drove me to Epinal in the early morning where I visited the Gynecologist. She gave me medics that should help. This done, we went shopping and I bought me new drawing paper.
It was a bright and warm September day and I enjoyed the colors of nature, the trees that get more colored now, day after day. The autumnal Equinox, Alban Elued, approaches and with it, one of my most favorite periods of the year.
the Film is in its last stage of work: The scenes that play in the town. It sure changes a bit from the eternal dark-blue forests.
These part of the film will reveal that we deal with the JFK in another universe. Until now, the story could have played in the real sixties or fifties. JFK travelling in France on horseback fiction of course, but why not, it  could have been. But now, when we see the streets of the town, with the horse carriages and the clothings of the people, it will be obvious that this world isn't ours.

mercredi, septembre 08, 2010

Internet in Basel

Today, I finnally got the Cable package for Internet-connection in Basel. From now on, travelling to Basel no longer means going offline.
I spent the whole day installing all the stuff. Now its halfway working and I am reading trough a huge backlog of mails...

I'm a bit annoyed that I have to return to France Friday - and I will probably not be able to return to Basel until October. But then, I hope I can stay a bit longer. I really didn't had the time to achieve much things during these few days.

I did long walks trough the town, tough. Making a lot of photos.

Looks like some cyclist suffers from heavy diarrhea...
My old Kindergarten...Boy, that's over 40 years, now...

Quick selfportrait...

Other than that, I was able to finish two scenes of the Film. Tomorrow, My mom will arrive here and it will be her turn to stay here a few days, in order to make several visits at the doctor.

At least I will see the cats again. I miss them.

jeudi, septembre 02, 2010

Off and away

One day earlier than expected, I will travel off to Basel today. At this moment, I am waiting for my prof. counselor's visit and then, I'll catch the train of 3:00 PM.
This means that I'll be offline until I have an internet connection in Basel which should be on soon, but I don't exactly know when.

Until then Folks!