mercredi, septembre 15, 2010

Customer service in the Internet-Era not existent, if you ask me.
These days, I had an issue with a paypal payment that did go to a wrong adress. I wasn't able to pick up my money and the buyer wasn't willing to be of any help, so I first called paypals phone help hotline. A paying hotline, as you can imagine.
The first minutes were wasted by pretty stupid "menus" I had to go trough -  you know, the sort of  "If you have blond hair, dial 2,  if you have your hair cut, dial 3", and so on.
Then I finally joined a breathing person. She gave me instructions that of course, didn't work. Since I wasn't willing to call this expensive hotline a second time, I tried out paypals E-mail help service. Same hard way until I finally was able to get a contact-form. I then wrote down my problem, gave ALL informations and tried to be as complete and clear as possible. The response was the following: "Your current balance is ... Euros and we can confirm that the payment of September 4 arrived correctly. Well, Neither am I unable to acknowledge my current balance by looking into my account, nor was the payment of September 4 ever an issue. Not a word about my REAL inquiry!!
I wrote back saying that they obviously didn't read what I wrote and asked them to do so.
They got back to me by repeating the same useless advice I had on the phone. Me: Just AS I SAID, this advice does not work: They: Sorry, we don't have enough information to help you out. You must tell us the transaction number and so on. (all the infos I, of course, gave them already)

Now, I filled up another contact form "complaining against paypal" this time. Today, paypal called me and we solved the issue on the phone. Okay. But WHY all this useless stress? If a person could have taken so much as a few minutes of time at the very beginning, all that fuzz would have been avoided.
Its always the same: These Internet based companies, be it Ebay, paypal or providers - all of them think that they can just make money by offering a totally automated service. Yes, they have tons of FAQ pages and help-subjects to browse trough, but sometimes you just NEED a living person to get your issue solved. Is it too much asked to hire some halfway competent people for that?

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Zachia a dit…

Hach ja... das kenne ich. Die großen Onlinebuchungsportale arbeiten ähnlich...was zu Folge hat das immer wiedder Leute direkt bei uns anrufen wenn was schief läuft..oft nach dem sie zig mal versucht haben den Anbieter zu kontaktieren... Nervig ist sowas..

Feronia a dit…

Sometimes they don't even offer 'contact us' details - just FAQs and too bad if your question isn't answered there.

Sefarina a dit…

Das ist ja echt extrem schlechter Service. Da kann man nur hoffen, dass man nie auf deren Hilfe angewiesen ist...

Bodecea a dit…

Klingt nicht gut... übrigens - zumindest für Deutschland gibt es Onlinetelefonbücher mit den richtigen (Normaltarif) Nummern vieler teurer Servicehotlines, das finde ich ganz praktisch! Würd' ich mal gucken, ob du das in F auch findest.


Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Zachia: also sopätestens bei Hotelbuchungen hâtte ich auch gerne einen live-Ansprechpartner, wenn es darauf ankommt.

@Feronia: Yes,Meanwhile one must be happy if there is such a thing as a contact us form.

@Sefarian. das ist es ja; solange alles gut funktioniert sind solche Internet-Firmen ja ganz praktisch, aber wehe Du brauchst mal Hilfe.

@Bodecea: das klingt interessant. Ja, werde ich mal sehen, ob es in F etwas ähnliches gibt.