lundi, septembre 20, 2010

Water fight

Today I finished Scene 103. The water took me hours, but at least it came out  halfway presentable. Not perfect, not as I would have liked it, but okay.
Next Scene will be a difficult scene, too: JFK punching the beast in the face. I'm not good at drawing punching scenes in general, let alone if they have to be animated. I am working with a lot of keyframes and try to fill the in-between with hopefully not too crapy drawings. Brr! I wonder myself how THAT will come out.
Once Jack gets out of that fountain, he will try to hide in the houses and that will be fun, so I am looking forward for it. Not that it will be easy, but it will be fun. Lots of material damage then.
*sigh* I guess I can't help but being the ever childish person who enjoys scenes of breaking dishes, destroyed furniture and all that stupid cake-in-the-face humor. I grew up with Laurel and Hardy shows on TV and that kind of influenced me. I even dream of making a tribute film one day, all in black and white with one narrating voice and a piano as background music. Oooooh, I should stop even thinking about new projects!

4 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Manchmal liebe ich doofen slapstick und Hommagen jeder Art, kommt immer drauf an wer es macht. ich bin mir sicher von dir ist sowas klasse!

caroona a dit…

Ich bin auch eine große Slapstickfreundin. Und das Viech sieht richtig schön nass aus, haha.

Zachia a dit…

den Tributfilm will ich sehen!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina, Ja es kommt natürlich immer darauf an, was genau es ist. Es gibt auch wirklich doofen, witzlosen Splapstick.
@Caroona Wen alles gut geht, wird die wasserprügelszene schon ein bisschen lustig.

@Zachia: Puh, erst mal muss der gemacht werden! ;-)