jeudi, octobre 28, 2010

Approaching Samhain

Samhain is approaching and I have to slowly face the fact that I will probably spend it alone in Basel. Trains are still on strike, at least those I would need. There's one last chance tomorrow.
Not that Samhain in Basel is bad, but I will be alone, not with my mom and not with the cats. I have deeply mixed feelings. For one, I really long to go home to see them all again, but in the other hand, my mom is telling me that there is real heavy hooning at home these days, so that I am also happy about every day I do not have to stay there. I really don't know  how I will deal with the noise, once I am back. Sometimes I panic here in Basel when I hear a sound that's like a motorcycle, even though its only a far away plane in the sky. But my heart beats like a locomotive and I tremble and sweat.

The house-selling project is also pretty stuck. We had one visit from interested people during all those weeks. They liked the house but were shocked when I had to tell them that this village doesn't have any store or something.
I tried to get in contact with some real-estate agencies, but they all refused , without even seeing the house. It's the village itself. A nearly empty flat with almost more houses for sale than residents, with for only "entertainement",  the hooners.
This week, My mom finally had the visit of an agency. First, they were pretty arrogant and said that it would not be possible to sell the object for the price we want - until my mom showed them the barn. Then they understood that it is in fact a little farm and not just a house. They then accepted to try to sell at our price and said that they will email us the contract. Didn't get it yet.
Anyway, I am not optimistic. Real estate prices are constantly falling and experts say that it may getting worse, for the market in France is totally overrated. It will implode soon.  Funny thing is, I can observe how the houses I would potentially buy getting cheaper and cheaper.  So maybe, I will even be able to just save the funds for a new house, without having to sell the old one. Its not a big, but probably the only chance.

7 commentaires:

Dryade a dit…

Fühl dich mal feste gedrückt. Ich drück dir alle Daumen das es gut ausgeht!!

Feronia a dit…

Is there some way you could advertise the house on the international market? Online maybe? As a holiday house?

Warm wishes to you for Samhain, Diana :)

Zachia a dit…

Ich wünsche euch alles Gute! Wenn du magst kann ich ja mal Reiki in die Situation schicken.
Alles Liebe

Diana Kennedy a dit…

¢Dryade. Danke!
@Feronia: Yes, I am advertising in Switzerland and Germany, too. But with no success yet.
@Zachia, ja das mit dem Reiki wäre sehr willkommen.

Sefarina a dit…

Mittherbst alleine zu feiern ist eine ziemlich einsame Vorstellung, ich hoffe es kommt nicht dazu...

Bodecea a dit…

Ich drücke dir die Daumen für das Haus!

Alles Liebe

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina und Bodecea. Vielen Dank - hat jetzt ja geklappt mit der Heimfahrt und vielleicht klappt das mit dem Haus irgendwann auch noch.