vendredi, octobre 01, 2010

Dreambook 2011

As you may remember, I am doing a personal JFK-Dreambook, every year. Now, it is again time to prepare the one for next year. I have finished the cover and I am working on the inside pages right now.

As always, the cover has to be a collage of JFK, the moon and some dreamy background. As for the inside, added a few new features, such as 12 boxes into which I can write down the cards I had each night of the wild hunt.
It's quite a work, but it's worth the effort, since this book has become my closest personal item all over the year. It's much more than just a book to write down dreams with JFK or dreams in general. Wouldn't want yo miss it anymore.

2 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

The dreambook looks lovely. What a great idea - I might put together a dream book too - they have been quite vivid of late.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@feronioa: Thanks. Yes,such a Dreambook is a great thing. I can't but recommend it.