samedi, octobre 09, 2010

Memory Lane

Today I took a long walk trough Basel. Again, I visited sites known from my childhood. My old way to school. I was in a lot of other schools later of course, for I grew up not only in Basel. But this was the first one and therefore will remain something special, for ever. In the past months I had a many dreams that brought me back in this time and space, dreams that always created a sensation of happiness, hard to describe. It was very special for me to walk these roads again, for real. Said sensation of inner happiness emerged and worked like a drug. 

These walks on "Memory lane" are also part my effort to follow an advice JFK gave me. He said that when working with dreams, I should not only recall their content and  messages, for any recall is always a memory from memory, hence only "second hand". But I shall try to remember the feeling they created. For the feeling is the only thing really authentic. I practiced a bit and discover this as a true source of inspiration and motivation.

The above forest probably looks totally normal and boring for everyone. To me, it is the forest which contains most of my deepest secrets and memories. Since decades, this patch of wood keeps reappearing in my dreams, and probably ever will. So this photo could be as well be a photo taken straight in my subconsciousness.

The backyard of my old school. Behind the windows of the basement was the handworking class-room.
The pines in the background left are part a little wood where I played.
The way from school to home is named Galgenhügel Promenade - which means "Gallows Hill Lane"  -  nice name, isn't it? But it was appropriate. The road is both dark and fascinating. It crosses the above described forest of secrets.

After that I went home and worked a bit on the Movie.

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Feronia a dit…

Good advice from JFK on interpreting dreams. And no, that nature photo doesn't look boring to me. Here in Australia, where our natural landscapes are quite different, your photo looks magical!