samedi, octobre 23, 2010

New paths

Still no End if the strikes in sight.
Meanwhile I am working very hard on my usual projects. And a new one, a commission. This one is interesting, because I have to try out new ways and techniques. It's a lot of brainy work, but the results are interesting. That's the good thing with works for a  third party: You are forced to leave your usual paths and try out new ones.
It gives me ideas for other and other projects, but I have to be careful not to lose myself in the amount of ideas. One step after another.
Unfortunately my Computer-chair here in Basel is all but ergonomic. It gives me a hell of a pain in the neck and the back. The one in France is not really better, but not as awful as this one. Gotta look for a new chair as soon as I can spare a few bucks for it.

3 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Oh das klingt interessant, ein Auftrag, der auch noch inspiriert. Ich bin im Moment dankbar nicht zu viele Aufträge zu bekommen und mich austoben zu können..

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Segarina. Ja, ab und zu braucht man auchg mal ein bisschen Zeit für sich selbst.

Feronia a dit…

That happens to me too - I have an ideas overload and find it hard to get started. Love that deer :)