jeudi, octobre 07, 2010


Since Tuesday I am in Basel again and very busy. I was a bit worried whether I can accomplish all the things I had to do or not, due to my weakness from the blood problems. But I am doing quite well, I feel new strength in me and I think that whatever is wrong, it didn't get worse, but better. "The dragon" is also not rampaging anymore, since a whole couple of days!
So I can enjoy the beautiful warm days of golden October in town. Basel is so lovely at this season.

This morning I went past a street sign and discovered a strange inscription in the dust that's covering it:

"Kenedy" and "Pinokio"
Aside from the fact that the author of this inscription obviously has heavy Dyslexia, it's quite odd, isn't it?
What does this message mean?  How did the author get up there to write it, anyway? The sign is pretty high up in the air, I had to lift my hand up strongly in order to take the photo with the cell phone.
But things are even stranger: A couple of days ago, I dreamt that I wanted to see the Disney Movie "Pinnochio" in order to get inspired for my Kennedy Film, when it comes for the houses and backgrounds.

In my dream, I suddenly was within the Film itself and saw an overview of Venice in the dawn. It was so beautiful, that I started to cry.
Now, within my family tradition, crying in dreams is always a good sign. Seeing dawn, too. Therefore I was pretty pleased about that dream.
The above road-sign was like a reminder of this dream to me.

2 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Das sieht sehr nach einem Zeichen aus, erstaunlich! Und was für ein ungewöhnlicher Hinweis, aber ohne Zweifel, ganz klar: guck dir den Film an ;-)

Feronia a dit…

Yes, these definitely seem like omens or symbols of some sort.