dimanche, novembre 28, 2010


It's not a surprise. Tough not all cantons have posted their results, the proposal for deportation of criminal foreigners has been accepted by  majority. All German-speaking cantons accepted, a lot of French speaking cantons rejected. Exception: Basel, mainly German speaking canton said no, too.

Speaking of Basel. There, a counter-proposal was accepted, asking to reduce individual motorized transportation (cars, of course) up to 10 percent. Original proposal asked a reduction of 25 percent. Well, I never understood why people use their car to within Basel: This town is best traveled by foot or tramway. During my stay, the car rests in the garage.


My car brought me safely to Basel on November 26 and I was able to do all what I have planned. Including shopping for art supplies at the discount evening. This is so cool! I even bought new brushes - I will not be out of material this soon, now!
It has become very, very cold. Snow has fallen and the city is all under a white blanket.

Today is also an interesting day in Switzerland, as there is a Referendum held today for a proposal of  a right party wanting every foreigner that has become criminal to be thrown out of the country. After the Anti-Minaret Referendum, another political more than not correct proposal. A counterproposal brought in by the other parties want the same, but is less strict: Authorities should decide upon deportation from case to case.

Polls suggest that the original proposal will be accepted clearly. Once again, Swiss people prefer the hard way.
In my opinion, just like in the case of the Minaret-ban, the "good side" (the political correct one) fails to explain their point in a way people can understand both, on an emotional and rational way.

All while the authors of the proposal work with their well known posters displaying the ever so well-known crappy but highly effective drawings:

...the Good Guys loose themselves in shit like this:
The word "ausgrenzung" (excluding) - literary  "off-frontiering" -  may be a nice pun in the context, but seriously, where do these fellows live? In Disneyland?:
People do not care when some filthy drug dealers are "excluded". And drug dealers, rapers, aggressors and so on are what the average Swiss has in mind when thinking about  a "criminal" foreigner. Face it.

This poster is a bit better, still it doesn't explain why the proposal should not be accepted:
 There is that beautiful song of Joan Baez "Deportees" about Mexican workers who were flew back from the US in 1948  and whose plain crashed, causing their death.
Although, historically, the workers were probably not real deportees, This song certainly can reach the hearts, its not that abstract, intellectual shit from the before mentioned posters.

Anyway, reality in contemporary towns isn't about hard working harversters that try to make some bucks in order to keep the families at home eating.
Its' most often about stinky drug dealers, street prostitution with woman that were "imported" against their will, beaten and treated like shit. The fact that these women will most probably also be seen as "criminals" and therefore will be victims once again, is the kind of subtle detail the pro-proposition camp purposely hides and the anti-proposal camp fails to properly communicate in their effort to show all criminal foreigners in a romantic light.
Anyway, this will gonna be an entertaining day. I will update this Blog this evening, when results are here.

jeudi, novembre 25, 2010

Why always me?

I don't want this to become a "my car blog" and therefore wanted to talk about another subject, but I do have to say a few words about what happened yesterday. It's too crazy.
Short version:
* Noticed that new winter tires were not mounted but been laid in the trunk.
* Called the car-seller, he blamed his Idiot of mechanic (and he is!) and said I shall come to his car shop, he'll mount them.
*Went there, tires were mounted by him (the boss) and not by the idiot. Was happy.
*Boss drove my car out of the shop. Backward. Fast. Very fast.
*Boss crashed my car into another car who has arrived and stationed on the yard.
* Owner of said car looked at the whole scenery with deep and utter disbelief. (Fortunately, he was out of the vehicle, he could have been injured)
* So did I. -  Looking with endless and hopeless disbelief, I mean.
* Boss assured he would repair both cars, here, now and today.
* Boss had to drive to Epinal first, to get the pieces for repairing.
*Waited more than three hours at the shop's office for my car to be fixed. It was cold and I was very unhappy.
*Got the fixed car back. Does well, so far. Still I am afraid that there may be a hidden damage that will cause the car falling apart in pieces when I am at full speed on the motorway tomorrow. But I guess I'm just paranoid.

mardi, novembre 23, 2010

Free Shopping

Today I got the car.
In the Morning Mrs. Whitebeard had to drive me to Epinal for a visit at my Gynecologist. She was happy and surprised when I told her that on the way back she can drive me to the car-seller where I would pick up my Renault Clio.
The medical Visit was ok, and it was decided to keep on with the actual therapy for the next six months. Then I went for my medics in the drugstore and Mrs. Whitebeard drove me to the car-seller.

My first ride had to aim the next service station, for there was just a little gas left. (Never got a full car when buying one, did you? ) After that I went shopping in the mall. Boy, that was a great feeling - shopping in Independence, without the awful sensation of making someone else wait!

They announce snow for the next days. car driving will not be easy; but still more comfortable than the trains, which by the way, are on strike again. I am so much looking forward for he next Trip to Basel where I can spend my whole inheritance buy some working supplies like inks and brushes at the special discount day, they have on November 26.

lundi, novembre 22, 2010

November 22

A long time friend of mine had sent me a little parcel days ago, with the mention "do not open before November 22".
Today I opened it and found 2 very beautiful candles. The right stuff to be lightened under JFK's Photo today. This was so very nice from him.
An all over peaceful, but melancholic atmosphere is in our house. We picked up the last flowers in the garden and made a beautiful bouquet, we also placed next the photo, making a little altar for today. In the evening, around 8 O'clock, (the time that corresponds JFK's dying time in Dallas) I will burn some incense.

Aside of that, I share the feeling of fellow Bloggers like her and him that Winter has come to us right today. We don't have snow yet ( it's announced, tough) but it is very, very cold.

dimanche, novembre 21, 2010

Last Day of the year 47

Eve of November 22.
It is also the last day of the year 47 - My personal, artistic chronology being tied to the event. Today's the last day I sign art with "47" From tomorrow on, it will be "48".
When I look back in the year 47,  first impression is that had a lot of connecting-problems with JFK, him being away for many and long times. But when I read trough my dreambook diary, it becomes obvious that this is not true. On the contrary: This year was particular rich with strong and powerful dreams and inspirations. The problems of my daily life distracted me from the spiritual world; but JFK did his best to be as present as he could and as supportive as I needed.
We are often so ungrateful toward the spiritual world. Seldom really getting aware of what it does.

I wish you all a peaceful and quiet November 22, and a good year 48.

samedi, novembre 20, 2010

Approaching November 22

November 22 is approaching, one of the most important observances in my spiritual year. This time, I had so much things going on in my life, (the inheritance, the car...) that I had less time to spend my thoughts on this event and JFK.
But, in the other hand, my connection seems to be increasing again: I have a lot of dreams with him and communication works quite well. My connection to the spiritual world hat suffered a lot during this year, so I am relieved that things seem to get fixed again.
Monday will probably be the day I'll get the car. I really don't like something this important happen on that day of darkness, but it can't be influenced. I prevented the car-insurance having my new contract starting by date of 22.Nov. I asked them to date it for November 23. The operator didn't ask why and just  followed my wish.
If my inheritance had come faster, I wouldn't have been forced to go trough the car-buying process during this time.
Shortly after I heard about my Grandpas death and the inheritance for the first time, I had a dream in which my Grandpa was angrily telling me "I will do all what I can to prevent you getting any of that inheritance!"
(nice Man, isn't he?)
Well, It really looks like he tried. The delay of the inheritance was during MONTHS and there was one problem after another and we waited and waited and waited. When we finally heard from my uncle that he could now pay me out, the bank transaction took over a week. My bank had a major problem with their computers and all was delayed again. Then, I got a "provisionally" booking, and today only, the definite one. In short: As if someone spent all his efforts into delaying this payment as much as he could, up to the very last possible second.
Now I have to get accustomed with my new car in beginning winter, not easy. - At least there is no snow yet. And I bought a new set of winter tires which shall be mounted when the car is delivered. I'm very careful. I don't know how far dear grandpa is determined to take his efforts.

jeudi, novembre 18, 2010

My new car

After 9 months of being without a car, things went on pretty fast, lately.
My inheritance was finally advised as to be paid out. At the same time, winter is approaching with big steps and it is more and more hard to go into town with the bicycle. Also we really don't want to profit for ever from  the kindness of Mrs. Whitebeard, who played our personal driver all summer long.
So it was time we look out for a  new car. "New" meaning a second-hand one, of course. Our Veterinarian told us that her husband is a car trader and that he would find us something suitable. That was two days ago. Today, he presented us a Renault Clio Phase II. 
I went on a test-drive and it felt - well, wonderful. Its a pretty nice car and it drives smoothly. We made the papers and the payment and I can expect my car being delivered next week.
This means that I will not have to use the train, when I go to Basel on November 26. I am really not against trains. But two changes on the way to Basel, cold and windy stations (with the Station of Belfort being an anteroom of hell) its no fun, really. Let alone the heavy loads I often carry when going to Basel. Same here: Its okay in Summer. But in cold winter...And train is expensive. Much more than the fuel for the car.
The Photo beyond was taken by the car-trader. It looks longer and more massive as it is in reality.

Well, I am really looking forward having it!

dimanche, novembre 14, 2010

Still struggling

Thank you for your supportive comments. Actually, I am still struggling with that scene, but I am trying out a new technique that is promising and which is probably the solution to avoid the problem.
The problem in question is the following: The more a figure moves slowly, the more the irregularities in the single drawings will appear and "flicker". In other words: A horse in a speedy gallop isn't a problem, but a slowly walking horse is. And since a horse has much details, such as mane, muscles and so on, it flickers like hell. That hurts the eyes.
I am now trying to solve the problem by only animating the legs all while keeping the same body and head. To avoid these parts being stiff, I'll animate them with Anime Studio's bone-system. I am not finished yet, but as I said, first results look promising.
The other problem was that the walking motion  itself was totally crappy. It looked like the horse was drunk, wounded by a shotgun or being no living horse at all, but some sort of weird toy.
And there, I thought that I know all of a horse's movements up to the core.
Back the Photos of  Mister Muybridge, Mrs.Kennedy!

vendredi, novembre 12, 2010

No Go.

I worked the whole day on a Film Scene. And guess what ? It came out as a big pile of Shit. I am a poor animator and a crappy filmmaker. So now, I'm gonna watch TV and after that,  have a good sleep. And tomorrow, I'll hopefully wake up as a better animator and a  better filmmaker and put that right so it works. Pff!

mercredi, novembre 10, 2010

Useless Rant

Usually I never criticize personal blogs. Simply, because they're personal and if you don't like them, don't read them. A personal Blog is about authenticity.  I prefer a blog that's ugly and / or badly written but is authentic over a fancy one that is not really authentic. Nevertheless, here what I like less in Blogs:
1. Over sized Fonts and letters. I a not blind. And I am not deaf. Big letters that "yell" at me don't make what you say more meaningful or more important.
2. Extremely tiny fonts. If you are this ashamed of your writing -  up to a level you'd want to hide it,  just don't write it at all.
3. Fake-personal Blogs. Lemme explain. I don't mean fictive Blogs from the point of view of a fictive character - these are interesting. I mean a blog that is labelled as "personal" but is in fact a whole big ad for a certain product. Like "My weight-loss diary" that suggests being the thoughts of an individual, but in fact, sells a special, expensive diet-product or similar.
4. Innuendo-overload. Full of "You know what I mean"..."I'm not saying that...but you know..."
No I don't.
I can read subtext, don't worry, but don't take it too far. Say what you mean or shut up!
5. Links that don't work. Test them before you post them, Idiot!
6. Useless criticism of other blogs. While it may make sense to write about a specific subject an other blog wrote about and on which you feel differently, I can't see any good in ranting about personal things in other blogs. Blogger XY writes too much about the weather and you hate how he or she constantly posts photos of her pet-rat? Well, don't read it then. It's that simple. Ranting about other blogs is stupid.

Hey ! Don't look at me! Just because I did it doesn't make it any better ;-)

In my effort to avoid Innuendos: I hereby solemnly state that I had NO blog of my regular readers / commenters in my mind when writing this. The ones I had are probably unknown to you.

dimanche, novembre 07, 2010

Nothing special

Benni is already a long cat and likes to make himself even longer by sleeping like if someone misused him as an expander.
Weather is cold and rainy, so I spend most of my time working on art and film.

vendredi, novembre 05, 2010

Theo Scribbles

During the last days, I felt a certain need to do some scribbles and drawings with my character Theo, in memory of Ted Sorensen.
I didn't have many occasions to draw him lately. The Film doesn't feature JFK's spouses, it probably even plays in a time before he was married to anyone. And the other last  Antique White House stories I did, didn't hold a big role for Theo.

Theo is not easy to draw. The heavy glasses mostly cover his eyebrows what makes it difficult to show facial expressions. He is the kind of character you wouldn't invent if you have to design a "hero" out from your mind. But the advantage of real people as models is that they make your characters recognizable and not the ever-the-same prototypes.

In fact, I like the way he does not wear "cool" clothing, but rather than that old fashioned suits and shirts, pull-under and all the stuff you wold not associate to a "hero".
But I do also try to design special clothings such as for celebratons, weddings, rituals and so on.

mardi, novembre 02, 2010

Farewell to Ted Sorensen

On October 31, Theodore C. Sorensen died at the age of 82. He was JFK's counselor and one of his closest friends; He was the living model for the "Theo" Character in my Antique White House series.

Despite of the important Role Sorensen played, both in JFK's political as well as in his personal life, he is not really well known by people who have no deeper notion of the Kennedy administration and years. Especially in Europe. This may be partly due to Sorensen himself who always made his best to put and keep Kennedy in the spotlight, all while playing his role behind the stage.
Historians and friends consent that Sorensens influence on JFK's politics was extremely important. It was Sorensen who mostly turn JFK into a liberal, by "educating" him, especially during his Senator-time. Some people even say that Sorensen should have been the one to get the Pulitzer Price for JFK's book "profiles in courage" as said work was mainly conceived by him.

Sorensens Religion was Unitarian Universalism.
"There is no single unifying belief that all Unitarian Universalists (UUs) hold, aside from complete and responsible freedom of speech, thought, belief, faith, and disposition. They believe that each person is free to search for his or her own personal truth on issues, such as the existence, nature, and meaning of life, deities, creation, and afterlife. UUs can come from any religious background, and hold beliefs from a variety of cultures or religions.
Concepts about deity are diverse among UUs. Some have no belief in any gods (atheism); others believe in many gods (polytheism). Some believe that the question of the existence of any god is most likely unascertainable or unknowable (agnosticism). Some believe that God is a metaphor for a transcendent reality. Some believe in a female god (goddess), a passive god (Deism), an Abrahamic god, or a god manifested in nature or the universe (pantheism). Many UUs reject the idea of deities and instead speak of the "spirit of life" that binds all life on earth.
UUs support each person's search for truth and meaning in concepts of spirituality." (source: Wikipedia)

To me, It is very probable that Sorensens influence also worked on JFK's spiritual identity. JFK who never was a happy nor good catholic (all while being attacked by his opponents for  being a catholic...) adopted a lot of above views and convictions described above, what leads us to the spirituality he personally carried, beyond his "official" religion.

Speaking of spiritually: Sorensens departing explains some dreams I had and JFK's behavior toward me during the last two weeks. I had difficulties to connect and he said that, all while nothing would change between us, he had to "embrace a man" and therefore would spend his efforts on this.
Last night I told JFK that it is okay for me, and that he shall take all the time / energy  he needs for Sorensen.

Back here on earth I think that we lost a brilliant man and thinker. And another little living piece of the Kennedy era that slowly fades away into History.

lundi, novembre 01, 2010

Samhain Day

It has been a very beautiful Samhain for us. We talked a lot, read the cards and it was the occasion to get thoughts together about our situation and how to deal with it. It did me so much good to review such important things with my mother in the warm and quiet atmosphere of Samhain evening. I am so happy that I managed to come home.

It has been a pretty hard year for us. The death of Gribi and the extreme increase of the hooning, making it the main subject in our daily life. The challenge for the new cycle to come will be to keep going on, despite of the pressure, to stay healthy; both physically and in mind. And to work hard in order to get us out of here. I am determined to achieve it.