samedi, novembre 20, 2010

Approaching November 22

November 22 is approaching, one of the most important observances in my spiritual year. This time, I had so much things going on in my life, (the inheritance, the car...) that I had less time to spend my thoughts on this event and JFK.
But, in the other hand, my connection seems to be increasing again: I have a lot of dreams with him and communication works quite well. My connection to the spiritual world hat suffered a lot during this year, so I am relieved that things seem to get fixed again.
Monday will probably be the day I'll get the car. I really don't like something this important happen on that day of darkness, but it can't be influenced. I prevented the car-insurance having my new contract starting by date of 22.Nov. I asked them to date it for November 23. The operator didn't ask why and just  followed my wish.
If my inheritance had come faster, I wouldn't have been forced to go trough the car-buying process during this time.
Shortly after I heard about my Grandpas death and the inheritance for the first time, I had a dream in which my Grandpa was angrily telling me "I will do all what I can to prevent you getting any of that inheritance!"
(nice Man, isn't he?)
Well, It really looks like he tried. The delay of the inheritance was during MONTHS and there was one problem after another and we waited and waited and waited. When we finally heard from my uncle that he could now pay me out, the bank transaction took over a week. My bank had a major problem with their computers and all was delayed again. Then, I got a "provisionally" booking, and today only, the definite one. In short: As if someone spent all his efforts into delaying this payment as much as he could, up to the very last possible second.
Now I have to get accustomed with my new car in beginning winter, not easy. - At least there is no snow yet. And I bought a new set of winter tires which shall be mounted when the car is delivered. I'm very careful. I don't know how far dear grandpa is determined to take his efforts.

3 commentaires:

Bodecea a dit…

Räucher das Auto vor Benutzung kräftig aus, das sollte den alten Kerl vertreiben :-)

Sefarina a dit…

Was für ein reizender Opa. Ein Säcken Salz oder Angelikasamen im Auto schadet sicher nicht, wenn er tatsächlich so weit gehen würde...

President Snow a dit…

I dread that day every year. The only thing that helps me this close to the day is that today is Bobby's birthday, which makes me super happy! But then I'll be mourning in a few days. Oddly enough, very few deaths, even in my own family, get me like Jack's does.