dimanche, novembre 28, 2010


My car brought me safely to Basel on November 26 and I was able to do all what I have planned. Including shopping for art supplies at the discount evening. This is so cool! I even bought new brushes - I will not be out of material this soon, now!
It has become very, very cold. Snow has fallen and the city is all under a white blanket.

Today is also an interesting day in Switzerland, as there is a Referendum held today for a proposal of  a right party wanting every foreigner that has become criminal to be thrown out of the country. After the Anti-Minaret Referendum, another political more than not correct proposal. A counterproposal brought in by the other parties want the same, but is less strict: Authorities should decide upon deportation from case to case.

Polls suggest that the original proposal will be accepted clearly. Once again, Swiss people prefer the hard way.
In my opinion, just like in the case of the Minaret-ban, the "good side" (the political correct one) fails to explain their point in a way people can understand both, on an emotional and rational way.

All while the authors of the proposal work with their well known posters displaying the ever so well-known crappy but highly effective drawings:

...the Good Guys loose themselves in shit like this:
The word "ausgrenzung" (excluding) - literary  "off-frontiering" -  may be a nice pun in the context, but seriously, where do these fellows live? In Disneyland?:
People do not care when some filthy drug dealers are "excluded". And drug dealers, rapers, aggressors and so on are what the average Swiss has in mind when thinking about  a "criminal" foreigner. Face it.

This poster is a bit better, still it doesn't explain why the proposal should not be accepted:
 There is that beautiful song of Joan Baez "Deportees" about Mexican workers who were flew back from the US in 1948  and whose plain crashed, causing their death.
Although, historically, the workers were probably not real deportees, This song certainly can reach the hearts, its not that abstract, intellectual shit from the before mentioned posters.

Anyway, reality in contemporary towns isn't about hard working harversters that try to make some bucks in order to keep the families at home eating.
Its' most often about stinky drug dealers, street prostitution with woman that were "imported" against their will, beaten and treated like shit. The fact that these women will most probably also be seen as "criminals" and therefore will be victims once again, is the kind of subtle detail the pro-proposition camp purposely hides and the anti-proposal camp fails to properly communicate in their effort to show all criminal foreigners in a romantic light.
Anyway, this will gonna be an entertaining day. I will update this Blog this evening, when results are here.

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